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   Chapter 84 Eighty four

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Full name- Akira Mary Ray

Sex- Female

Age- 18

Height- 5'3 feet

Birthday- 6 November

Father name- Edmund Ray (Died in car accident, 2009)

Mother name- Mary Ray (Died in car accident, 2009)

Brother- Jake Ray (Died in car accident, 2009)

Other relatives- Elizabeth Ray

Home- Kent, Connecticut.

School- Kent Jr high school.

GPA- 4.0

Family- Lives with her Grandmother Elizabeth Ray.

Close friends- Logan Hastings, Bella Jade.

Study status- First year in Yale under full time scholarship.

Job- Works in a library.

Current Relationship- None

Previous relationship- None


Holy shit!

Not believing my eyes I flip frantically through the pages. Oh god, no! Photographs, many photographs turn up in next page stilling my blood cold. I stop breathing.


They all are of me doing something. Me, walking on road; in shine with Alex; Alex holding my hand at my first party; me, laughing with Alex; me, coming out of library; me, crying at the foyer of that party; me, with Sydney and Grace outside his club.

This is not happening!

Everything, every fucking thing suddenly starts making sense. How he knew about me leaving that party with Alex, how he knew about Shine and my library, and how he was there to pick me up. I know for certain I never told him any address. And I was so stupid that I couldn't even take hints. Oh God, how didn't I realize that before?

Sliding door of balcony opens and he enters inside with a smile that disappears as soon he sees what is in my hand. Was he there all along? Did he deliberately put this file here for me? Had he wanted me to see this?

The look of his face tells he didn't. His eyes are wide, uncertain and panicked as he try to read my reaction.

He takes a step forward toward me, "Ray-"

"Don't." I warn backing away.

His eyes show pain at my refusal but I ignore it. He doesn't get act like I hurt him when I'm burning from his betrayal. Once again I'm betrayed by someone I love, and this time the ache is unbearable.

"You have me investigated." This is not a question but a statement and my voice is surprisingly calm contrary to turmoil I am in.

He doesn't blink and regards me cautiously as if he is afraid I'm going to do something crazy and for once he is not wrong about being wary. I'm not sure what to do at the moment or where my mind is going.

"Why?" I whisper.

He stays silent and this action snaps something inside me.

"Tell me dammit!" The scream breaks from the back of my throat startles me.

"Because I was desperate!"

I look at him blankly.

What does he mean?

He lets out a humorless chuckle, "Yes, I, the motherfucking King was desperate. Since the day you barged in my life I have no control over it. I wanted to, fuck that, I needed to have some control before I lost my mind. I had no other way but to know everything about you, from inside out. I wanted to have uppe

ed him. "You don't mean that."

"I do Rom, I do."

"You don't believe me right? I will show you. Come with me." I stay still and he rakes his hand through his hair, frustrated, "Stay here."

He pace toward the adjoining room and disappear inside.

My mind runs, should I stay or leave?


I can't stay. Because if I stay I know he will persuade me to forgive him. I know that right now I will never be able to forgive him fully. Deep down I'd always have bitterness and with time it'd only drift us apart. I can't let that happen.

Without looking back I sprint out of room and toward front door. Just as I'm about to cross the foyer I hesitate but I somehow shove it away, tears are now uncontrollable. I hurriedly enter inside elevator and press the basement button.


Before door could slide close I hear him shout and when I look up, he is running toward me, his face panicked and eyes begging for me to stop. I glance away, willing my heart to stay strong, to not give in. The door closes.

Oh God!

The doorman recognizes me instantly for I have been there far too many time with Romero. He access my state as I'm only wearing Romero's shirt, shorts and sneakers with concern, he takes one look of my tear strained face and jumps up from his seat. "Are you okay mam?"

"Yes." I mutter and start to move past him.

"Would you like me to call a cab?" He offers politely.

I stop.


"Yes please." I try to smile but it's too hard. I feel drained of any emotions.

His phone rings. "Sir?" He listen the other side and his eyes widen as they meet mine, "Y-yes sir, she is here."

I just know he is talking to Romero. Tense, I start running. I can hear him calling me from behind but I don't stop. I wave my hand when I see a cab. It stops and I slide inside.

I let my head fall back and cry. Romero's tortured face haunts me but I know it's the right thing to do. I have to do it, for me, for him and for us.

* * * * *

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