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   Chapter 83 Eighty three

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I come out of sleep with a sudden awareness of what I had done last night without any ounce of regret in my thought. It was good enough to be a dream, my dream. Yes, I have dreamed about it, a lot, of making love to him. And finally it became true, I can't be happier. I have always thought I would loose my innocence to the man I would marry on my wedding night. And the reality is much different, better than whatever I thought. I wouldn't change a thing if given a opportunity.

I stretch my arms opening my eyes and find myself staring in a pair of alluring grey eyes. The blue shade in them seems a bit expanded and the grey part is almost as dark as black. He body, for most part is over mine, though I am not complaining.

"Good morning." I murmur sleepily.

"Morning baby." He pecks my lip in a sweet kiss and doesn't seem to bothered by lack of my mouths refreshment.

"What time is it?" I ask breathlessly when he pulls away.

"It's eleven in the morning." He informs me casually.

But my eyes widen, "Oh, my God! I had two classes in early morning. I can't believe I slept through it." I groan.

"How many class you have left?"

"None." From what I remember.

He gives me a wolfish smile, pleased by the fact, "Then we can stay in bed."

I shake my head, "I have to go library."

"Call ill, please?" Widening his eye he tries to look pleading.

I consider him for a moment, "I have few hours left. I will think about it."

He smirks loosing his act, "I can convince you by then."

I giggle at his confidence, "Do your best."

"Oh I will." He stops, his face changes into concern for me, "Did I hurt you?"

"You did." I say and he stills above be. Smiling I whisper further, "In the way I wanted more."

He exhales a breath, "Thank fuck."

"Yes thank fuck." I repeat still smiling.

His eyes snap wide at my cuss before he burst out laughing. His whole body rumbles with it and his eyes impossibly bright. I love it when he laughs like this. "Fuck

s no sign of Romero. What time is it? I sit up and look at the watch. I gasp, my eyes rounding. It's eight pm.

Oh God!

I slept through whole day. Mr. Jacob will have my head. So stupid of me. I should have set an alarm like usual but damn him for making me forget everything.

I squint my eyes, noticing a paper by clock. I snatch it and bring it close.

I have informed your employer about your absence. Don't fret.

I love you.


I smile feeling giddy. He knows me and he cares. He knew I'd worry about missing my job with telling Mr. Jacob so he took care of me.

But where is he?

Perhaps in his study.

Climbing out of the bed I go to closet and pick out one of his shirt and my shorts. Wearing it quickly I make my way out of room toward his office.

Whole down floor is silent. There is no one kitchen. Martha must have retired already. It's night after all.

I twist the handle and snap the door wide to enter inside. I frown, he is not here. Then where else could he be? Oh yes. Gym. I should have thought of that before. I turn around to leave but something on my desk catch my attention.

I move near it and grab the file. Akira Ray. It has my name on it.

What is it?

I open it.

I shouldn't have for next moment my blood turns cold and I freeze on my spot.

Oh my God!

* * * * *

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