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   Chapter 82 Eighty two

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I pull out pin from my hair and cringe. Damn Sydney for how much pins she has used in my hair.

"Let me." Romero whispers coming near me.

"It's all yours." I drop my hand giving him full access and stare at his face as he works on my hair with his full concentration. Surprisingly it doesn't hurt as much but this act feels intimate. Once he is done, my hair falls down reliving my scalp.

"Thank you." I murmur.

Shifting around I reach for my back to unzip my dress, his hand comes over mine. He slowly lowers my zip. I gasp when I feel his lips on shoulder blade. His lips trails down to back along with his hand. His fingers moves lazily sending shivers down to spine. I arch my back at the sensation.

In one quick motion he forces me around and his mouth on me. Taking aback by surprise my lips part giving him passage to enter his tongue. My belly as always erupts with fireworks. He groans when I start sucking his tongue. Our lips move in a sink before he suddenly pulls away. His eyes wide, unfocused and excited.

"Let me make love to you, please Ray." His voice is pleading and desperate.

And I automatically answer, "Yes."

I am ready.

There is no one else I would want to be my first.


This all it takes him to rip the dress away from my body. At the moment I don't care if it's torn or not. Him and I, that all matters. Gripping my thighs he picks me up, I wrap my legs around his torso, my bare breast are pressed against the fabric of his suit. Running my hands wildly in his hair, I let him carry me toward his bed. His lips are still attached to skins and my bloods is boiling with the need.

I'm quivering, my breathing is rapid as he gently lays me down on his soft bed. He dazzling grey orbs runs greedily all over my body. My body hums in pleasure under his gaze. He removes his jacket and drops it on the floor. When he goes to unbutton his shirt, I get up hurriedly on my knees.

"Let me." I repeat his words from earlier. When he nods, I unbutton his shirt slowly one by one. I slip his shirt off his s

He kisses each of my eyes, licking my tear away.

"I'm sorry baby. It will not hurt again. I promise. Now I'm going to move okay?" He looks as though he is in pain.

I nod, gripping his forearms, "Okay."

He eases back slowly and slams again. I cry out but this time it hurts less. "Okay?"

"Hmm." I rock my hip, motioning him to carry on.

He does, "More?"

"Yes." I plea, wanting him to move desperately.

He does again and this time without stopping. He shifts and adjusts himself so he could deepens.

I feel full, of him.

And it feels good, more than good.

My nails digging his backside as I urge his move faster. He speeds up and I moan. I arch my hip to match his movements. My body starts to tremor, a pleasurable sensation is forming inside me. It is begging to be released.

Oh God! I moan loudly when he touch a certain point. I stiffen, pant and moan.

Oh my....

"Let go baby." He grits out moving in and out ghastly. His muscles clenches and hands tightening around me.

"Come for me, baby." He whispers harshly and I come apart in million pieces underneath him. My body explodes with infinite amount of emotions.

"You are mine, Ray. Mine. Don't ever forget that." He thrusts one last time and stills. He groans spilling inside me.

With the look of upcoming forever he kisses me softly before collapsing on the top of me.

* * * * *

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