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   Chapter 81 Eighty one

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On reaching there I spot an elderly woman gazing at my painting. As if sensing my approach she speaks with giving me any glance.

"It is one of the beautiful painting in this room."

My heart squeezes in pride. "Thank you, mam."

She then looks at me. Her sharp, intelligent eyes regard me with scrutiny. "You are the painter?"

I nod, "Yes mam."

"You are young." She states, her eye moving to my boyfriend, who is checking his phone. He frowns at something and lets out a frustrated breath.

He turns to me. "I have to make a call. I will be quick, okay?"

What is bothering him?

"Okay." I repeat what he wants to hear. He plants a lingering kiss on my forehead before disappearing in between crowd, with his back rigid.

"Was that your boyfriend?"

I'm surprised at her question. "Yes he is." I still answer.

She hums in satisfaction, "A good one. A real man never leaves their woman without any sort of affection."

He is real. My real.

I realise I've not greeted her properly. "Good evening mam. I'm Akira Ray from Yale art department."

"Oh a selected one. It's good meet you Miss. Ray. I'm Catherine Wright. Owner of London Gallery."

I can't hide my awe when I look her next. London Gallery is one of the famous galleries in United Kingdom. I have heard about it many times in past. I can't believe I'm meeting it's owner and even more that she gave me compliment.

My smile is so wide that my jaw hurts, "Pleasure is all mine, mam."

Her l

ero's arm to stop him from punching Damon.

What the hell is he playing at? He is provoking Romero, this much is clear to me.

But why?

I don't reply and watch him go toward front door of the room. Romero is still seething when he looks back to me.

Placing a hand behind my neck, he yanks me toward him and gives me one hard short kiss. "I can't even leave you alone for a minute without these fuckers sniffing around you." He grounds with clench teeth.

His body is vibrating with uncontrollable anger. The kiss doesn't help him with that. I place a hand on his chest backing away slightly.

With coy smile I peer in his eyes, "You sure look like someone who is in love." Stopping, I cock my head as though analysing him. His eyes comes alive with amusement as he watches me, removing a little bit of his anger.

"Are you in love Mr. King?" I tease him with smile.

He returns the favor with his own beautiful dimpled one, "Irrevocably."

His one word and I am goner.


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