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   Chapter 80 Eighty

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Before I know it we are already at the front door of the building where art exhibition is held. Paul opens door for us. Romero gets out first and helps me follow his step. I do that while taking care to not mess with my dress. I observe the scene before me with awe. It is one of ancient looking building with modern elegant. It kind of feels like a magnetic spot.

Romero grabs my waist in possessive manner as he leads me toward the entrance. The heads of ladies turn automatically to Romero and they give him once over. I can't help but feel a thrill of satisfaction that he is my date. I try to not smile in smugness that is rolling inside me.

That's right ladies, you can stare all you want but I'm the one he is going home with.

I look around to find some familiar face and my eyes catches Mr. Vidal's hazel one. He smiles and says something to his companion before making his way toward us.

Romero stiffens and his hand tightens around me. "Motherfucker." He grumbles not so quietly.

Giving him a side glance, I scold, "Behave." When he narrows his eyes, I add in softer tone, "Please?"

And he better listen to me and keep all his macho tactics under control.

"Ah Miss. Ray, glad to see you."

"Good evening, professor." I greet him.

I don't miss the way his eyes go over my body. Neither does Romero for he growls lowly bringing Mr. Vidal's eye to him. Though I don't think he meant any harm by it if not merely surprised at how different I look tonight.

He chuckles, "Sebastian is fine, Miss. Ray. We are not in class."

Romero clips in coolly, "Class or not, it is not Professional to call their professor by name."

Seeing Romero's growing agitation, I speak up, "Rom, my professor Mr. Vidal. Professor, my boyfriend Romero King."

Mr. Vidal regards Romero, "Rom-"

Romero all but snaps, "I prefer King." No greetings or any pleasantry in his tone.

Mr. Vidal takes his time to nod, "King. Heard lot about you through Dante."

There is brief surprise in Romero's face but he covers it with passive mask, "You know Dante?"

"Yes. He is in board member."

"Of course he is." Mutters Romero darkly, not liking what he just heard.

Mr. Vidal shifts his gaze to me, "An


I frown at first then I remember what is he talking about. I recall walking away from him with Davis. Though Dev was not at fault there.

Oh Rom

"He didn't take me. I asked him to." I tell him through my memory.

He glowers, "Same thing."

"No. It is not the same thing. And for your information you stood me up first, you forced me leave you." I didn't mean to say it, to bring past back but it just came out. I could not help it.

He closes his eye in resignation and takes a deep breath before opening them back back. They are filled with regret. "I'm sorry."

Some of my anger resolves, "It's not me you should be apologising. It's Dev-"

He cuts me off in hard voice. "I am not apologizing to anyone who is not you. Even if he was not at fault, I would still hate him."

"Why?" I whisper in barely small voice but he hears me.

"Because he gets your attention and smile, Ray. I'm going to hate anyone or anything who has privilege of them. It's mine and I don't share. I can't help it. Nor I'm going to apologize for it." His stare is so intense that I have to look away to maintain my posture.

I somehow, deep down knew it. He doesn't like any male near me. His fierce possessiveness doesn't scare me off instead it unreveals me, barring me raw and vulnerable. His emotions effect mine in a way I can't explain. They have so hard control over mine.

"Let's go to my painting." I murmur in small voice.

He doesn't complain and follows me.

* * * * *

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