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   Chapter 79 Seventy nine

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After my time at library I called Romero to inform him to not pick me up because I wanted to walk. He asked me if I was okay I told him yes and that I just wanted some air. I don't know why I felt guilty even though I was not lying to him. I truly needed some time alone to process everything together. And that walk back to my dorm really help me to mind straight and not jump into any conclusion without any proof.

Or better yet to postpone all the investigation for next day and enjoy my today. It is an great opportunity for me, I don't want ruin it for something inconsiderable.

"I don't think even I could pull out this dress like you. You look absolutely stunning."

I stare at the mirror and I have to admit Sydney is right. I look truly out of my league. This beautiful, stunning and well polished girl is not me but she still somehow makes me doubt my decision.

My straight hairs are pulled up perfectly by lots of pins but it makes me look elegant and that's not the word I'm accustomed with. My eyes look smokey and lips perfect with nude lipstick. I glance down at my cleavage to find all the hickies are hidden using lots of concealer. It's good thing considering how I challenged Romero this morning.

I turn to look at Sydney who is grinning proudly at her work, "Thanks Syd. I really-"

The door of my room open revealing a Greek God looking Romero. I forget altogether where I am and what I was doing. My vision is only on him and I don't even notice when Sydney silently steps out of the room leave both of us alone.

I sense his longing as he stares me. I take the opportunity to drink him in, my gaze running all over him. He looks like the powerful magnet from every angle, that is the main source of my pull toward him. So sensually handsome that my eyes hurt just by looking at him.

My God!

His dark black hair are set perfectly and my hand itches to run through them. His small trimmed beard makes him look hotter and more dangerous. I have always known black is his color but in the given black tux he would leave every other male miles behind him. There is no competition, literally.

He is everything, tall, dark and dangerous.

And he is all mine.

I am still getting used to this.

"You are beautiful, Romero." The words slip my mouth for the second time with any intention but they are undeniably t

m for a drug addict, infact I don't think I could ever. Then how could Alex say something like that so freely? I don't know and I don't think I want to know. Something tells me I wouldn't like the answer.

Taking my hand in his warm one he pulls me out. Sydney is couch with her phone. Spotting us, she fans herself pointing at Romero when he is not watching. I just wink in agreement. Romero is hot enough to make us want to fan our self.

As we pass by a group of dorm girls on our way, they stop talking to get a better look of Romero. Their lust and desire for his looks couldn't be more obvious if they tried. I want to shout he is mine as though him gripping my hand is not enough sign for them. It irrational I know but that is what he turns me into. A jealous and irrational mess with bunch of insecurity.

When we come outside, I'm once again shocked by him. This time through his choice of car. There is a limo park in front of us. The length he goes.

I look at him, "A limo? Really?"

He kisses my forehead, "The best for my girl. Always."

And just like that rest of my lecture disappear in mist of night.

Paul, his security head comes out and greets us, "Good evening sir, mam."

Romero nods while I smile, "Good evening Paul. How was your day?"

There is a hint of smile on his stoic face as he replies, "It's going good so far."

I thank him when opens door for and climb in. Romero follows me shortly after muttering something to Paul.

I relax when he pulls me to him and sigh. Contrary to him, I can't wait to start this night.

* * * * *

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