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   Chapter 78 Seventy eight

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Classes swung by in surprisingly fast moment, probably it's only to me because I'm damn happy today. I am not complaining either. Not much happens there, I've got few essays to write and some information regarding upcoming test. Dev shared my excitement for tonight's function. He told me that he wanted to bring his mother as his plus one but she refused saying he should take Jasmine with him. We parted our ways after chatting few minutes with promise of seeing later at the gathering.

Before I know I'm walking toward library to earn some money. When I pass by shine I think of Alex. He hasn't tried to contact me after our last meeting. I even called him twice since then but he didn't respond. Just as I make decision to go inside I spot his familiar figure approaching his car.

"Alex!" I call out rushing to him.

He stops and turns around quickly. "Hey Angel." He grins slightly.

He looks good in dark grey suit. Any other girl, who don't have their Romero, would be definitely swooning over him by now. And I have my Romero in my heart, soul and my blood.

I breath out, "Hi."

He looks around, "Visiting shine huh?"

I shake my head. If it is up to me I would never go in there after last time I was there. As much I try to forget past it still haunts me. I try to move on and it time to time comes back reminding of the ache I have been through for Romero. It also sets on a fire that it is not over yet. I'm yet to face many more of them. I believe them because I know life with Romero is not going to be fairy tale ride if not opposite.

"No I am going to library actually." I tell him.

"Oh, good." He is avoiding my eyes as he nods.

"Where were you Alex? Why didn't you reply to my calls?" I come straight to the point.

"I was busy with work." Is his clipped reply that I don't believe for a second.

"So busy to even pick up a call?"

"Yeah, work has been hectic."

"Why are avoiding me Alex?"

He lets out chuckle and finally looks at me properly, "Avoid you?"

"Yes avoid me. Did I do something wrong?"

"No Angel, you didn't do anything. I am not lying. It's work and my parents visit that kept me busy."

His parents. He once told me they don't like his work and he is the black sheep of the family. He said they are kind of sophisticated rich who likes to control everything, even their son.

"Oh, I'm sorry." I murmur regretfully. Maybe I am wrong to accuse him and he was really busy. I have no right to demand his attention.

"Don't be. Anyway I did some research and found Eveline's exact address." He smiles proudly.

"You did?" I can't hide my excitement as I exclaim.

He stares me longer then few second as if I'm a foreign creature before nodding, "Yes I have her address. I can send it to you if you want."

"Yes please."


ndship over something that can never happen.

"Thank you for helping me, Alex. I will see you around." Saying I push past him and pace toward my original station but not before I hear him mutter a 'Yeah'.

On my whole way I keep thinking of his words, doesn't mean how hard I try not to. The word 'drug addict' is just stick to my mind. I can only hope and prey that they are not something my boyfriend's name is attached to.

Oh Romero

What I'm going to do with you?

• • •

Whole day I keep myself busy with work so I wouldn't think about other disturbing thing. Lord is generous today for I have more than enough work to complete. I sorted out three shelves till now, they don't seem as time consuming as usually, if anything it appears to be an easy task.

I glance at Mr. Jacob who is busy with his resister. I slowly walk toward him.

"Mr. Jacob?"


"Can I ask you something?"

He then looks up from his work and regards me impassively before heaving a sigh, "Ask away."

"Do you think of Eveline?" I ask dreading his reaction.

His face doesn't change as he nods, "All the damn time."

My heart clenches as if it somehow feels his pain. It must hurt terribly to think of someone who is not with you but still haunt you. It only makes me determined with my decision that I'm doing right thing.

Seeing he is not pulling away, I add one more question, "Do you ever regret loving her?"

His eyes go to the photo frame of Eveline and his face melts into one of longing, "Never. I don't regret spending my life just by loving her." Pausing he turn his eye back to me. "Love is a most beautiful blessing until it turns into obbession. It then becomes a curse."

Nodding a thanks, I go back to my place with my brain dancing around his words. I can't help but wonder through a point.

What if my love becomes a curse for me?

* * * * *

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