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   Chapter 77 Seventy seven

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For the first time in week I wake up without feeling his stare on me. It doesn't take me long to comprehend his missing gaze for next second I am aware of life crushing wait on me. Romero is sprawled above me, his face is resting on my chest and his arms encircling my waist tightly. It is an uncomfortable position but I can get used to it. A sudden urge to pee has me completely up from my slumber.

I carefully grab his arm and attempt to remove them from my waist but they don't budge. Sighing, I tug his hands but instead of loosening they tightens further.

"Don't do that." He grumbles in croaky voice.

I halt on my movement before relaxing, "I have to go." I protest still tugging his arm.

"But I am comfy." He purrs slightly placing a kiss on my chest.

I huff, "Well I'm not. I need to pee."

Chuckling in amusement he releases me but not before stealing a wet kiss on my neck. I don't waste any minute and make a run for the bathroom. Once I'm done with my deeds I approach the mirror and stare at my reflection.

The girl looking back to me is happy. Her eyes are full of life and her face is flushed with excitement of new beginning. I never thought I would fall in love this hard and this fast but here I am. Madly and deeply in love with my Romero. And God, he loves me back. I can't be more happier.

That is until I get the better view of neck. There is small bruise on the lower part of neck. I pull my shirt down to look more and my eyes widen at the realisation. I have hickey, no hickies.

That arse!

Irritation and anger flows in my body, I sprint out of bathroom with the slam of the door.

"You!" I point at bare chest male on my bed.

I try to outlook his highly distracting features and concentrate on my anger. It's hard to when he is sitting there comfortably, displaying his glorious assets.

Damn this man!

And damn his hotness!

"Good morning, Ray." He gives me a wolfish smile.

"Don't." I warn as my eyes flash.

"Are you okay, Darling." He asks in false concern.

"You did this on purpose!" I accuse and I know very well that I'm right on my accusation.

"What are you talking about?" If I didn't know better I'd say he is innocent but the proud glint in his eye says otherwise.

"You know very well what I am talking about."

"Actually I don't. Why don't you enlighten me?" The jerk is smirking.

I stomp toward him and point at hickey he gave me. "I am talking about this."

He offers me a non apologetic grin, "Oh that. I think I got carried away last night."

I fume at him, "You did not get carried away, you did this on purpose."

He raises his perfectly shaped brow, "Why would I do that?"

"You know very well why! You did this so I can't wear that dress. Admit it." I know that is the reason.

I should have known he'd pull some stunt like this when he agreed so easily. He is not someone to giv

n, I don't add that though and speaking of which.

I search my bag for the keys and pick it out for him. "Here. Your car keys."

He pushes my hand back to me, "Keep it. You might need it."

No way

I halt on my track which in turn makes him stops too. "I don't need your car. If I wanted one I would have brought it but I don't so here take this."

He scowls at me, "But-"

I end his words, "No Romero. This is non negotiable for me." I stick to mine sternly.

His face changes to his famous impassive one and his eyes unreadable. Clearly he is pissed. Without any other word he snatches the key from my palm and throws them carelessly in his pocket. He starts to walk with me on his tail.

I pace to catch up with him. I frown unknowingly at how fast his mood switches. Probably within seconds. I don't want start this beautiful morning with him angry at me so I try to change the subject.

"Your uncle, is he still at your place?"

He doesn't reply right away, "No." Comes out as a grunt.

"You both worked it out? I mean whatever he came for." I push.


Not so chatty, I see.

I go to speak further but to my dismay we have already reached my class. I sigh, looks like my morning is going to start like this. I start to enter my class but before I could take step away from him I'm turned around with force.

I am face to face with him when he kisses me. This time properly and thoroughly. I melt in his arm and give in to the temptation. We kiss for few seconds until the warning bell rings.

Pulling away, I whisper between my rapid breathing, "I love you."

His eyes flare, showing a shine that he is affected with my confession, "I love you more, baby."

Backing away from his arm, I smile with my tingling lips, "See you later."

He doesn't smile back but nods, "Yes, later."

With that said I force my legs to move and take me to my class all along my mind still on him.

* * * * *

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