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   Chapter 76 Seventy six

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I blink.




My throat works but not a single sound comes out. This is not the first time when he left me speechless but every time it feels foreign. The look in his eyes says everything I have ever wanted to hear. My heart dances wildly at its beats and my breathing quickens.

Not being able to hold any longer I dive right into his arm and kiss him with everything I have. Electric currents shoots down in my vein and run all along to my soul. I have lost the count of how many times we have kissed but every time our lips touch each others the sensation erupts feel like new all over again. I kiss him with all of my love, with every emotions pouring out of my body and with all the feelings I possess. He goes to grab me and to deepen the kiss but I pull away just as I swiftly I went to him.

In the total silence of my room, the only sound of our heaving breath can be heard. I stare deep into his eyes and turn mine unguarded because I know he'd keep it safe for me. When I feel my breathing is stable contrary to my floating heart, I prepare myself for the blow of the words I have kept subsided for so long.

"I love you, Romero king." As I whisper the words I wait for its terror to strike.

And to my disbelief these words don't make me vulnerable, like I was hoping, instead a rush of strength flings in my system making me momentarily loss my compose. Is it really suppose to make me feel this strong, like I could fight every obstacles coming between us. It is like I'm drowning in my love for him and don't even want to stop. If it's how loving someone feels then I don't ever want to come out of this place. It is an amazing place where we are not afraid of anything; where we can take anything and everything.


What a mystery! No one has ever been able to understand it completely. Whenever we think we got it, a new series of question arises.

For me the mystery is my Romero and I would willingly spend rest of my life solving it.

From the way he freezes I can tell he was not expecting this. His body is rigid along with his breath. He is so still that one might think he is a statue. His eyes searches mine as though he couldn't believe his ears.

"Say that again." He demands gruffly.

I smile at the raw need of his words and repeat my confession, "I love you, Romero King."

I hear his sharp intake of breath, his body loosening friction by friction. "Again."

I press my chest to his and murmur the wor

th. I never knew this kind of feelings exists. It feels surreal. His words are too sweet, too real and too heart touching. His each word reaches down to my soul and imprints there.

I raise my hand and fisting a hold of his shirt I tug him close to me that he obeys without any protest. I take his lower lip between mine and bite it softly. He groans before taking over the control of kiss and I give in reluctantly. His lips moulds mine perfectly as his moves vigorously over mine.

His lips shift down to my chin toward my breast. His other hand travels to my back and unzip my dress in a rapid motion. I know I'm not wearing bra with the dress but I still don't stop him. Without detaching his lip from my skin he slowly but deliberately pushes the dress down, freeing my arm from fabric and exposing my upper body to him.

I gasp when his cool breath hits my hot skin. I look up to find his eyes are on my lips as they start kissing down my skin. Suddenly feeling shy under his intense gaze I try to hide my bosom with my hands but his stops mine on my movement.

"Don't. You have nothing to hide from me. You are simply bewitching and you are fucking mine." He say in soft low voice and removing his shirt from his toned body he helps me to wear it.

"And you are mine." I murmur back once I am settled in his clothes. He stares me for a second before pulling the dress down and completely off me.

"Fuck yes. I am."

Growling he latches his lips back to my neck to continue with sucking and biting. I moan gradually giving him better access.

Slowly but surely I give myself into ultimate oblivion with him still torturing me sweetly.

* * * * *

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