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   Chapter 75 Seventy five

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From: Yale art department

Subject: Art Exhibition

Date: September 21, 2017, 09:13

To: Akira Ray

Miss Akira Ray, I'm glad to inform you that your painting has been selected for the art exhibition conducted by Yale art department on September 22. Your painting has made quite an impression on selecting members. As you are already informed that your painting would be put there for display to all other guests.

Through this mail we are inviting you and we hope to see you there with your plus one. Venue is attached by the end of this mail. As for dress code; Red gown for females and Black tuxedo for males.

Once again congratulations on your achievement.

With regards, Helena Cruz

Head of the Art department.


I complete reading it for the forth time and the texts in it doesn't seem to change. Every words are still same and on the exact place. The only thing is bothering me is bloody red dress. I glance at the watch witch shows eight pm.

Where I'm gonna get red gown at this time?

If only I have read it carefully in morning, I could have avoided this complication.

Why? Oh why didn't I read it precisely the very first time?

I think of my earlier activities. After leaving library at about five pm I came back to my dorm instead of Romero's place. On the way I sent him a message informing he didn't have to pick me because I was going to my room for night and I had his Range Rover with me.

I choose it because well, this was the only car in his garage that I knew of when I went to pick one. It is a nice car, I enjoyed driving it with Romero's scent linger inside. His reply was simple 'Fine' which bothers me, I kind of expected some fight from his side for me to go back to his condo but there was none. He just accepted it and that's not something I expected from him. After so much of effort I succeed in shoving that thought away for later and tried concentrate on Sydney.

Though Sydney seemed in her usual self but I still wanted to be there for her, like she was for me. We watched few chick flicks together and ordered some pizza for dinner. To be honest I can't say I regret spending time with her. I think I even needed some girl time after grandma dropped that meeting Romero bomb earlier.

I let out a irrigated huff. I still have to give Logan some talk for opening his mouth about exhibition before I could. Though I think he only did it because he probably assumed I have already told grandma about it. Which would be true in other circumstances. I'm to blame as well for I just informed him through a small text yesterday without elaborating any further.

I groan loudly, falling back on my bed with a thum

say what I think he did?

"You heard me." He repeats arrogantly.

I scowl at his nonchalant tone, "But why?"

"I don't want anyone to ogle what's mine." He says this as if it is perfect answer.

I roll my eyes, "You are kidding right?"

"I'm afraid I'm not." He grunts.

Okay, this is enough.

"You are being irrational."

"I'm not." He denies my accusation and my irritation flares.

"Yes you are but let me tell you something, you don't get to tell me what I could wear or what not." I snap, pointing my finger at his chest.

His lips form a thin line, "Fine but I won't be hold responsible for what I will do if some asshole looks at you."

I sigh, at least we are leaving this for now. I change the topic, "So will you come with me as my plus one?"

His eyes narrow, just slightly, "Why? Don't you want me to?"

"Of course I want you to." Why the hell would he think otherwise?

He releases a breath as though relaxed, "Then I will come."

"You have to wear a black tux." I inform him, gauging his reaction.

He shrugs as if it doesn't matter, "Done."

I can't wait to see him in a suit.

I wonder if he'd look just as beautiful in a tux.

Shaking off the thoughts, "I'm going to change." Telling him I turn to move but stop when something sticks my mind.

I whirl around and look at him warily, "Did you come here just because you missed me?" I don't know why but I wouldn't find it hard to believe if he says yes.

"Partially yes." He trails off.

"And?" I insist.

He stares me with a sheer intensity for what seems like forever before replying, "I can't sleep without you. You have become a necessity, an addiction for me. I can't seem to go on without you."

My breath hitches and heart skips several beats at his words.

Sweet Jesus!

* * * * *

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