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   Chapter 73 Seventy three

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A slow grins forms on the man's face, "My, you are a beautiful one. Wish I could say you're not his usual type but the bastard never had one."

"Excuse me?" I narrow my eyes to him.

He waves his hand dismissively, "Never mind. So are the infamous Akira Ray huh? Paul mentioned some great deeds about you though he failed to inform your beauty."

I decide that Paul is a gossiper here. If I recall correctly he was the one who told Martha about me.

"You clearly know me and it would be only fair if I also know you." I state feeling little uncomfortable under his hawk like gaze.

He chuckles in a deep voice and moves a bit closer to me, "I like you. I'm-"

"Stay the fuck away from my girl, Dante." Romero's loud threatening voice rings from behind the stranger before he himself appears beside me and snakes his arm around my waist.

"Is it any way to greet your uncle? I'm disappointed King." The man, Dante tsks in mock scolding.


"If the uncle is you then yes, it's perfectly good way to greet." Romero retorts.

Dante smirks and it reminds me the way Romero does. I see the similarities now, they both are tall with attractive features. How could I miss they both share same grey eyes, though Romero has a hint of blue in them.

"I'm hurt kid. You got yourself a pretty girl and didn't even bother to tell me." I don't believe him for a second and I think neither does Romero.

"Fuck off." Romero grumbles.

Not looking a bit offended by his nephew's response, Dante shifts his eye to me. "Forgive him for his poor manners Miss. Ray. I am Dante, Dante King, uncle of this mannerless lad. A pleasure to finally meet you." He offers his hand for me to shake. I have never seen someone talk to Romero like this, so freely, apart from Slade. Romero must be close to him, well as close as possible for Romero.

"Akira please and it's good to meet you too." I take his hand and shake it firmly.

He doesn't release my hand right away and makes a bold move to kiss my hand but before his lips could touch my hand Romero not-so-gently pulls it out of his grasp and glowers at him, "Keep your eyes and fucking lips to yourself or I wouldn't be hold responsible of my actions."

Dante merely raises a surprised a brow, "Well, I'll be damned."

"Why are you here Dante?" Romero questions him bluntly and without any real greetings.

Dante's face looses all humour and turns into serious one, "I was informed you are taking over Raymond industry."

"I am." My boyfriend agrees.

Dante nods in understanding, "Good. I need to tell you something regarding that and I also heard you are selling one of the clubs here."



er hard. He doesn't even flinches instead looks amused now, his smile still in its place. "So you like it rough huh? Don't worry I'll keep it in my mind for future references."

My eyes widens at the implication of his words.

He didn't!

Oh he most definitely did!

Blushing hard, I stumble few step away from him and send him a furious glare. In reaction he just chuckles and taps my nose playfully. Swatting it away I glower at him, "You are jerk."

"And you are a prude." Is his answer.

Placing my hands on my hip, I demand, "Where are the keys?"

"Right there." Entertained by my demand, he points at the table behind me.

Walking toward the keys I pick one set and start to move past him. He doesn't let me though and spins me around to face by grabbing my shoulder. My breath hitches at the intensity of his eyes, they hold something primal and raw in them.

He caress my cheek with feather like touch and whispers, "I will miss you."

All the mock anger turns into ash and my shoulder slumps, "I will miss you too." I whisper back, pushing some of fallen hairs away from his forehead.

His fingers trails down to my neck and he presses a wet, lingering kiss on my pulse point, speeding up his rate. "Come back to me."

Not able to say anything right I just nod in answer.

I love you.

Though I don't say that aloud and pace toward the front door with accelerated pulses.

The events after that happens in blur moment and when I enter my room I spot Syd on the couch looking miserable. Her eyes are puffy and face swollen, it's clear that she has been crying for a while.

I immediately approach her, "Hey what's wrong?"

She raises her tear filled eyes to me, "I cheated on Luke."


This is certainly not something I expected.

* * * * *

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