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   Chapter 72 Seventy two

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This is cruel, so cruel to him.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry." I raise my hands to touch his face. He flinches, staggering few steps away from me and it hurts.

Profound emotions strikes me hard and at once that I now understand how he must have felt when I flinched away from him, it's like someone pulled your heart out from your ribs, the ache is that terrible. My eyes must shown pain for he avert his away from me.

"I was just seven year old when he decided I wasn't worth to keep living for." His voice steely hard. I watch his eyes turn so cold and emotionless that one would think it's an eye of dead person.

Oh Romero

I try to picture him as seven year old kid and imagined a handsome, dark haired boy with beautiful grey eyes filled with confusion and sadness. I imagined his helplessness and his anguish of not being able to help his father. The image breaks my heart.

How devastating he must have felt after witnessing his father take his own life. My family died in front of me I still can't talk about them without feeling like I'm drowning in the memory and here I am the one forcing him to talk about his worst nightmare.

Oh God, what am I doing?

"Stop! Please don't." I plea as tears spring from my eyes.

He immediately snap his narrowed eyes to me and sneers viciously, "Why? Don't you want to know my fucked up past?"

Shaking my head I cover the distance in two strike before wrapping my arms tightly around his torso I hug him and place my head on his chest. He stiffens but I don't let that discourage me and snuggle closer in him, his scent has an immediate effect on me.

"I'm sorry. God I'm so sorry for forcing you. I..I wanted you to tell me because you trust me, not like this. Never like this." My tears are soaking his shirt but I don't care at the moment.

He hesitates, just for a small second and then engulfs me in his possessive and protective arm burying his face in my hair, inhaling me. "Of course I trust you."

"But not enough to share your past on your will." I protest in small voice still clinging to him.

"My past doesn't define me. I never wanted you to find about my fuckedupness. I want to keep you away from them and safely in your heaven."

I twist my face up at his words and scowl, "That is the problem Romero. Your past doesn't define but it made what you are today. I want to know you, all of you. The good and the bad, and you want to keep your parts hidden from me. With time your hidden part will come between us and I fear if you don't open up, we are going to loose each other down the road and neither of us would be able to take it. I don't want that to happen with us Romero, I don't want to loose you." I shudder at the thought of loosing him. I can't imagine what I would do if I'm to ever see that day.

Releasing one of his arm, he brush away the trails of tear tenderly and his face softens considerably, "You won't loose me Ray, I will never let you. I can let you in, if that's what you want. Though it's not going to be easy for me and I'm going to screw up I know I will but I'm willing try. For you, I will do anything."

He places a soft, ting

tively I could, I press my lips to his and let him devour me.

And boy, was he hungry!

• • •

After our feeding session when we went to eat actual food I had hard time eating anything and it was because of my boyfriend who wouldn't stop touching me. He either had to hold my hand or place his hand on my thighs under the table. Whole time I torn between jumping on him and maintaining my dignity.

To say Martha was thoroughly entertain during our breakfast would be understatement, she never directly smiled but her eyes were enough to show what her lips could not. She was happy for her young master and it pleased me see both of them happy.

During that I got to know that Martha, Paul the security head and his two companions live in this very same building and are always ready in Romero's beck and call. I also got to know Martha is a widower, her husband was in army and died during his time there; Paul is a divorced man and the other two person I don't about are bachelor so they all manage to live in same condo. Though I personally don't think there would any problem if they few more people, the place is that huge.

Then he teased me mercilessly with his gaze and touch while I was trying to catch up with my work in his room, it's not until he got a call that's when he announced he had to leave to attend some meeting. I'd hate to admit it aloud but I instantly missed his presence.

To divert my mind from his absence I decided to look through email about details for tomorrow's exhibition. And now mid way rendering it I suddenly have this need to eat something. Knowing Martha put some left over in fridge I get up and make my way downstairs.

Opening fridge I run my eyes on the items kept in it and debate on what to pick.


Startle I spin around so fast that one would think I'd break my neck. In front of me is stood a tall man with intelligence in his grey eyes and sharp features with strong cheekbone and fit body. His age couldn't be more than forty and looks really handsome in grey suits.

"Hi?" I raise my brows in confusion.

Who is this man?

* * * * *

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