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   Chapter 71 Seventy one

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Third person


Like an obsessed man he stares at his sleeping girl. It gives his beast inside an enormous amount of pleasure to see her sleeping in his bed and in his clothes.


He watches her chest rises and falls in small steady breath making her look like an innocent child. He can't not stare her when she is this beautiful without even knowing it. She looks like an angel residing in her heaven and he aches to taste a piece of this heaven.

Last night was the best night of his life just like today is the anniversary of the worst day of his life.

Did she mean what she said last night?

Did she really love the monster like him?

How could she love him when all he does hurt her?

His fucked up past hurts her even though she doesn't know the half of it and he is sure his future will make her suffer too.

If he was any better person he would let her go but he is worst of all. Instead of staying away from her he made her his with no plan of letting her go.


He can't live without her, he needs her to keep his sanity. If he lost her he will give in to insanity.

He can never loose her, no matter what.




'I love you'

I leisurely stir back to life when I hear a soft murmur of his voice. I don't want wake up stay in my dreams where he was confessing his love to me.

'I love you'

I snap my eyes open when the words finally registered in my brain and find his intense grey ones.

He is occupying an armchair by the side of bed with a relaxed look on his and I realize, he is not at all looking like a person who just confessed his love. I really must be dreaming it, I muse internally with disappointment.

I also realize that he was watching me sleep and instead of creeping out, I smile at him. It has become a habit of him to watch me sleep.

"Hi" I whisper.

He smiles back and my heartbeat quickens at its sight.

Would I ever get used to his smile?

He is all ready, showered and dressed up in gray shirts and black slacks making him look like an A lister actor. "Good morning."

"Morning." I mutter forcing myself to sit up and wince when at the sudden pounding of my head.


Groaning I grab my head to stop this terrible headache and hear Romero shift from his chair.


Glancing up I find him holding a glass of water and a pill toward me. I eye the pill with weariness.



Without knocking I enter inside. He is working on his laptop. Sensing my presence his eyes run to me and shutting his laptop, he gets up from his chair.

"Good, you are ready. Come on, lets have breakfast. I have few meetings to conduct." He is avoiding my eyes.

No greeting, no smile and not even kiss!

I place my hands on my hip, "What's bothering you Romero?" I come straight to the point.

"What are you talking about?" He regards me coolly.

So he wants to play innocent huh?

Well I'm not in mood to play!

"You know very well what I am talking about. Tell me what happened today."

"Where did you hear that?" His eyes narrow in suspicion.

Now I have your attention, "It doesn't matter. What matters is you won't tell me anything thing about you!" I raise my voice.

Sliding his hands in his pocket he turns toward window and shrugs, "There is nothing to tell. I don't know where you got that idea."

Frustrated, I pace to his and grabbing his arm I force him to face me, "For God sake! Why can't you just tell me? Why are you always shutting me out? Why don't you trust me enough to share your problems with me?!"

Grey eyes flashing in anger, he snatches his arm away from me and takes a hold of my shoulders. Shaking me with a force he barks, "You want to know what is so special about this day right? Here is your fucking answer, today was the day my father died. He shot himself in his head and in front of me! I saw his life leave his body and couldn't even do anything to stop him!"

He shot himself in his head and in front of me.

Oh, my God!

* * * * *

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