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   Chapter 70 Seventy

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Forcefully I jump out of his arm, "How can you say that? I want to know every part of you, good or bad. I don't care if places like that are the part of your life I only care that you didn't think it was important enough to tell me. You can't just make decisions for me and expect me to agree! You don't even talk about your family or your past-"

His face turns unreadable and eyes cold, "It's better if that part is kept buried, it will cause more harm if dug out. My past is to remain past-"

Throwing my hand in exasperation, I raise my voice, "How could you claim your past is to remain past when it slapped me right on the face? Do you know what it feels like to know someone has already had you the way I want you? Do you know how sick it feels to hear your ex flames talking about your time together? It bloody hurts!"

There is anger in his eyes now, "What do you want me to say? I have a past and even if I want to I can't change it. Had I known you were coming along I would not have looked anywhere else, I would have waited for you. Fuck that! I would have hunted you down before fate could have allowed me to. I would have made you mine the moment I knew you existed!"

I let his words sink in and feel myself softening at them, he is right.

How could he have known of my existence?

How could he have known our future?

I can not blame him for his past activities. It is not fair to him.

Lowering my tone, "But you still have a room there and-"

"Not anymore." He cuts me off.

"Huh?" I frown in confusion.

"I don't have any room there. I put that club for sell."

Shocked I fumble, "When? Why?"

His eyes turn tender, "Just few minutes ago and because I don't want to own any thing that upsets you. Nothing is worth your distress."

I'm at loss of word, "I-I don't know what to say." I mumble hanging m

iss. This is all he needed for confirmation, without breaking the kiss he unhooks my bra in one sweep.

Keeping one arm firmly on my back he moves his other hand at the front of my tee. I moan in his mouth when his palm touches my breast softly. He massages it, cupping the underside with loving care. His thumbs rubs my distended nipples.

Oh my.

I try not to notice him hardening beneath me. His harsh breath and ragged sighs telling me how much he enjoys touching me intimately.

"I want you so fucking much!" He growls breaking the kiss. Both of breathing hard, still dazed in burning passion.

"And I want you too but I'm not ready for that." I whisper a moment later, shifting a bit away.

Placing a lingering kiss on my forehead he removes his hands from my tee. "I know, love. It is as new to me as it's to you. We will wait until you are sure of this. Sleep now."

That's the thing.

I'm don't need any assurance.

I'm just pending the inevitable.


Because I'm scared to give him this last part of me. I'm scared of loosing my everything in him.

I'm terrified.

Despite all this I'm sure of my love for him, "I love you." I mumble sleepily before I let the unconsciousness take over me.

* * * * *

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