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   Chapter 69 Sixty nine

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Before opening the door of bathroom I look at my reflection one more time and find myself wearing his huge black tee that reaches below my mid thighs. After a bit of conflict if I should wear his double sized lower, I end up not wearing it. I decide the only tee would be fine since the dress I had worn earlier was shorter than this.

After his declaration we stood there for few moments gazing at each other. It's not until when a traitorous yawn escaped me, he told, no actually demanded me to change and then to sleep, claiming I have had a long day. He was right about that though as today has been a long tiring day, when I wanted a simple quiet celebration I ended up in a club I never really wanted to go. Then it turned out a disaster for me between learning he was the owner to the fight at last. I was partially to blame, if I had just listened to him instead of in spiting, this all would have never happened.

But alas!

What had to happen, it already did. I can't change anything now so why think about it, right?

I then glance at black dress which is now tossed aside by my man himself when he not so subtly ordered me to get out of the 'filthy' dress and sigh, I wonder what would Sydney think if she gets to know her one of favourite dress is called filthy piece by Romero.

She'd be angry of course, but keep her anger to herself. I don't think she'd give him 'piece of mind' as

e forward until my body is fully touching his. His body is warm and hard but not in uncomfortable way, more like manly way, I sigh when feeling of home absorbs me.

"I'm sorry I hurt you. I didn't mean those words." He murmurs after few second of silence.

I know he is sorry.

He is only sorry whenever it comes to me. I have noticed he doesn't care about anyone else's feeling but mine. He is not a bit sorry for beating that guy but he is more than sorry because he hurt me.

"I'm sorry too."

"Whatever for?"

"For behaving like an idiot at the club, for not listening to you. You were right, that place is not for me but you should have told me that you were the owner. I felt so stupid when everyone else knew except me." Even though I don't mean to my voice comes as accusing.

His arm tightens a bit, "There is some part of me that I want you away from and that place was one of them."


Not this time!


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