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   Chapter 68 Sixty eight

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Time stops for me when he straightens, untangling himself from others hold. Without even bothering to look back the damage he has caused, he starts taking his powerful stride toward me. He walked like a predator does toward its pray. One stare from him has me sobering up immediately, his eyes daring me to take a step away from him. He actually wants me to move away from him so he could have his dark twisted fun in chasing me.

Would I ever dare to?

No, the answer comes hard and fast, I wouldn't dare. Not when I know the consequences.

Still froze on the exact same place, I shiver visibly. I have a feeling I'm about to hunted and that too without any mercy. I suddenly want to run and hide from him, from his piercing grey orbs which seem to baring my soul. They looked like they could see every question, every emotion and every turmoil behind my own blue eyes.

The rage in his glaring eyes terrifies me but not because he could hurt me, but because he could hurt himself. Blind rage can hurt the person holding it more than it could do to others. One thing I can always be sure about is that he could never hurt me physically. He can hurt me in so many levels but never physically. He'd rather cut his arm off before he could raise a mere finger at me. I know this because I have felt it.

He has just beaten a guy to death, I don't know what to make of it or what it should make me feel but when he is almost a step away from me I notice there is a possessive gleam in his eyes, so dark and raw, dominating over anger. I can't explain it but instead of warning me away this gleam excites me.

Out of no where Sydney comes in front of me blocking his access to me. His dark eyes flashes with warning but she stands firmly in her place as though she is defending me but what she doesn't realise is I don't need protection from him.

"Get out of my way." His voice is clam, maybe too calm.

Sydney tilts her head stubbornly but I can see rigidness of her back. She is afraid of him, like anyone else would be, but she is protecting her friend and that is giving her strength to face him. My heart clenches at the thought of my new friend ready to face someone she is afraid of just to help her friend. She doesn't even know me enough but she is still having my back.

"I won't let you hurt her, King." There is small quiver in her voice that cannot go undetected.

His brow raise in incredulity, "Hurt her? Are you fucking daft woman? I would kill myself before I could even think about hurting her!"

The words he just declared are like a vow. H

Entering his apartment I take him directly to his bathroom, toward sink and hold his hand under flowing water. Once I'm sure its cleaned I search for aid box, on finding it I turn to him, placing the box beside me. He raises his up for me to take and I do.

"This will hurt a bit." I say pointing at the pierced glasses.

His shrug infuriates me, he acts like it's not hurting him. I wince every time I pluck out a glass. This is the second time I am treating his injured hand and something tells me it won't be last. While I work on his hand I feel him his intense stare on me.

"I'm sorry I scared you." He mumbles under his breath.

Without looking up, "You did."

"That bastard has-"

Finishing my work I look up, "I'm talking about the stunt you pulled up a while a ago."

"I thought you were scared of me, I couldn't control myself."

"Well you should. You can't just around punching a wall ever time you get angry. I..I don't want you hurt yourself." My voice shakes at the end.

"And I don't want you to be afraid of me. I can't take it and when I saw you flinch I lost it."

"I flinched because of your wounds. Though you shouldn't have beaten that guy like that. He was just-"

He growls, "He was touching you. He has it coming the instant he looked at you with wrong intention. No one touches you but me." His eyes flashing with uncontrolled possessiveness.

A shiver of excitement runs through me at his tone, when it should scare me. I had always thought possessiveness is not my thing but after having him in my life it has totally changed. Why would it scare me when I want him with same ferocity?

I'm his and he is mine!

It should be simple as that.

But it's not.

* * * * *

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