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   Chapter 66 Sixty six

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A few minutes later a young looking guy in guard outfit approaches us with a flirty smile fixed on his lips and his eyes running on us up to down.

"Today must be my lucky day that I get to have three most beautiful girls in front of me. Ladies, this guy is at your service." He bows slightly.

"Shut you trap Peter and shows us our way." Grace snaps at him rolling her eyes.

Huffing, he turns to me, "And who might be this new chick?" I shrink away from visible lust in his eyes.

Sydney grabs my hand in reassuring way, "You don't want to know, trust me. Now take us inside before I loose my patience." She grounds out.

Raising his palms up in surrender he points at a certain direction, "Alright alright, you have to go through this way but seriously, is she a new addition to your circle? I don't think I've seen you around here before, I could never forget a face like yours." He directs his last sentence to me with a wink and I resist an urge to cringe.

"Yes she is our friend but most importantly she is King's girlfriend."

The guys looks at Syd like she just used a foreign language, "King's girlfriend?" Then he starts laughing hysterically as though we've made a joke of year but stops abruptly when none of us give in. A look of realisation sets in, paling his face and he curses, "Shit! You are serious?!"

Grace mutters under her breath, "Fortunately."

Twisting his body a body a bit toward me he pleas looking like an fumbling mess, "I'm sorry for all my inappropriate words Miss. I'd be really grateful if you don't mention anything about this to King."

Sydney smiles mockingly, amused by his sudden changes, "We will think about it, now remove yourself from our way, will you?"

"He will fucking kill me." Speaking to himself, he lets a string of curse before walking away.


Romero's name is enough to send him away when other warning didn't help. Though I know Romero is not any saint, I also don't think he is this scary. Sure I have witnessed few of his rage filled moments but I have not seen him loose it. He once told me that I have no idea how he is when he looses control. I can't help but wonder how bad it really could be.

"What a pussy! Come on." Nodding, I follow Sydney and Grace till we reach inside the club.

I can't help but admire the interior of it. The whole place is illuminating with dark red light, creating a feel of sensuality. A slow, seductive voice is echoing around the dance floor where few couples are dancing intimately. Some people are on couch spread throughout the left wall looking comfortable with drinks in the

t next to me, on turning I find Adam looking at me with a surprised face, "Adam."

His grin is not as attractive I thought, "Damn girl! I almost didn't recognize you. You look fucking hot, baby."

I try not to show my displeasure when he calls me baby because I absolutely hate it. "Thanks, I guess." I reply to his unnecessary comment.

"Why are you alone?"

None of your business, I really want to shout at him instead I show him my empty glass, "Drinking."

"You don't mind some company, do you?" Without waiting for my answer he takes a glass before gulping it down.

"By the way, congratulations. Syd told us about your selection." He says touching my arm.

I shift away from his touch, murmuring, "Thank you."

Feeling Romero's eye on me, I peek around and my own eyes connects with his grey one. He is staring me blankly but that doesn't has my heart pounding, it is the two beautiful, model like girls sitting beside him. They are saying something but his attention is solely on me.

He doesn't even spare them glance when one of the touches his arm, just shrugs it off. His eyes challenging me to feel what he is feeling with Adam next to me. They are daring me to go and move them away from him; to claim him; to show them he is mine.

And damn if I don't want to remove them physically and violently away from him, far from him.

Adam turns to find the source of my attention before sneering menacingly, "So he dropped you off huh? And looks like he already found someone to replace you. I bet he even has his room ready for tonight. It has been so long since he last indulged here, he must be missing the thrill of new pussy every night. I surely would."

All I could hear is 'his room' here and its use.

* * * * *

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