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   Chapter 65 Sixty five

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Sydney's frown is enough to tell me that I've not succeed in my attempt of looking normal. I try to avoid looking her and move silently to my room but she leaves whatever she was doing in kitchen and comes toward me.

"Are you okay?" She asks softly, looking worried.

I don't want to worry her or anyone for that matter. I'm big enough to solve my own problems without involving someone else.

I nod and lie through my teeth, "Yeah, I'm good."

She doesn't believe me for a second, no one would. I've been told I'm a terrible liar. But I thank heaven when she doesn't press for more instead change the subject, "Are you still up for tonight?"

The problem here again is the subject that I definitely don't want to talk about but I also know I somehow have to answer her. I am not sure if it is best choice or not but I suddenly have a strong urge to go there. Perhaps it's just me wanting to defy him but I absolutely want to go out there and show him I'm not stupid or naive.


Despite her doubt she grins clapping her hands, "Great, Grace will be here in an hour then we can get ready together." Informing me she goes back to kitchen completing what she left.

An image of a beautiful red hair with freckles comes in mind. Grace, a girl who likes Romero, though I don't really know much about her, I have a feeling she is a nice girl. We will fit just fine until she doesn't tries to move in on my boyfriend.

"That's fine. I am really tired right now so I'm going to take a short nap. Wake me up please when Grace arrives alright?" I ask behind her.

"Will do." Without turning back she calls out.

Entering my room I let out a long breath and fall on bed without changing my clothes, within seconds I'm welcomed in sweet oblivion.

When I next wake up it's due to the message ring of my phone. I groan rolling around, why did I remove it from silent mode again? Oh yeah! That would be because of my jerk boyfriend, last time he went on all furious mode when I didn't pick his nine calls since it was silent. Well he was kind of more panicked than angry so I promised that I'd try to not do it when not necessary. Now I'm regretting that promise.

After few grumbling minutes I find it, opening its lock I see a text from Romero. I do a mini debate to check it or not and end up scrolling through the message.

Are you still going to Kingly?

I send a reply before I could change my mind.


His reply is instant, What time shall I pick you?


So ahead of yourself, Mr. King, I snort at the thought. I am still angry at him, not precisely

ssed at our outcome, "We so are going to blow everyone off!"

Grace comes in front, clicking a picture, "Hell yes, we are!"

Taking few more photos Syd turns to me, "Is King picking you up? I bet he is gonna loose his mind and will demand you to change." She laughs.

Like hell he will!

I shake my head in denial, "No, he is not. If it is fine with you then I would like go with you both."

She frowns and consider me for a second before nodding, "Of course it is, Come on."

Grabbing our purse we get out of her room and then out of the main door of dorm. Once we have reached Grace's car, I take back seat leaving shotgun for Sydney. Grace fires the engine which followed by Syd's shout, "Lets rock the party bitches!"

I am ready to rock all right, just not for it to bite me back.

• • •

The place we arrive is an expensive looking building. A big 'Kingly' painted with red color is written on its front. The place is full and still under control, there is long line of people waiting for their turn to enter, they all kind of look rich people. It surely would take more than hour before we could get in.

"It's a long line." I mutter.

Sydney smirks, "There is some perk of knowing the owner."

I frown in confusion, "You know it's owner?"

She mirrors my expression, "You don't know?"

"Why? Who is it?" I ask.

"It's King. He own this." Her face doesn't change when she tells me this but mine sure as hell changes.

I remember that I mentioned this name to Romero, then why didn't he tell me he is the owner? It hurts that he didn't tell me what his other friends already know. I feel stupefied.

And why the hell he didn't want me to come here when he is the one who runs this place?

* * * * *

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