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   Chapter 64 Sixty four

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While I'm checking new collection of books during last few minutes at the library before today's work is over, my brain is having an inner turmoil. I'm conflicted between if I should go to club or not. Last time I went to a party I was assaulted and even that time I was not completely sure of my decision to go. I know I think a lot but even then I end up bad choice of decisions sometimes. Still confused after lots of reasoning I leave the decision for later after I talk to Romero. He probably knows how this club 'Kingly' is, considering Sydney didn't give me any address just the name.

Reading the time I sigh, he'd here in few minutes to pick me but instead of going back to his condo, like I have been doing lately, I'll have to go back to my dorm. These last few days we have formed a kind of routine of me going to his home, spending night there and the him dropping me off after having breakfast together. Sometimes we would watch movie or go out and other times he'd work while I did my homework. I love every moment we spend together, even those when he'd get irrationality jealous at any boy who stares me longer than what he thinks is appropriate. He would go all possessive, growling and glaring at everyone. Sometimes I find it cute but mostly humorously irritating, yet I would not change a thing about him if given a chance. I love him the way he is.

I know there are many things I don't know about him, like his parents. Once I even tried to talk about that but he got all rigid and closed off. Since then I avoided that subject but I also know I can't always avoid it. I gathered that It's touchy topic but I also told him about my parents and it wasn't easy. I am ready to give him sometime but nit forever.

In last few days I have not seen Alex or even heard from him. I'm too embarrassed to face him so I left him a message asking if he got the address to which he replied with a simple 'no', I can't tell if he is angry with me and if he is, then what for? I don't think there is anything wrong in kissing my own delicious boyfriend. I didn't even lead him on, since from starting I mentioned him about being just friends with him. But the look on his face other day says otherwise, I am not even sure if I read it right.

The bell of the clock indicating five pm has me picking on my speed of my work. After completing it, I dust my jeans and step out of shelves. Reaching my desk I grab my bag and approach Mr. Jacob's table.

"Old sec

him shout behind me followed by his loud steps nearing me.

I speed up my pace but within next moment I'm caged in his arms, this is second time we are in this position but this time I don't struggle.

"Baby I'm so sorry." His voice his hoarse with emotions.

I don't melt under his touch this time and stand rigid, "Let me go." I speak steadily, checking my voice in control.

"Not until you forgive me. I am so fucking sorry, Ray. I swear I didn't mean that, you got to know I didn't. You are anything but those words. Please forgive me, Darling. Please." His voice is desperate but right now I'm too much hurt from his sudden switch off to forgive him.

"You hurt me." I whisper.

He press himself tight against me, "I fucking know that I did and I am so sorry baby. I really am."

"I-I can't talk to you right now." I tell him shaking my head.

He exhales a breath, "Okay but at least let me take back to your place. Please?"

"Fine." I agree mostly because I don't want walk down street looking like crying mess. I need few moments to put myself together.

I keep silent throughout our short drive so does he. I really don't want to talk to him because I feel like I'd burst if I talk to him. The only thing my brain and heart is able to take he hurt me.

When we are outside of my dorm, I don't him any glance when I tell him, "Thank you."

He doesn't make any move to speak and stays quiet. I get out of his car and stride toward my dorm.

A lone tear falls down as I hear his car drive off leaving me alone with my breaking heart.

Was that our first fight? And why do I feel like it's not going to be our last?

* * * * *

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