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   Chapter 63 Sixty three

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"Are you excited for today?"

I nod, "I guess I am. Are you?"

"Yeah but I am a bit anxious too, what if I don't get selected? I don't wanna loose this opportunity." Dev's voice is laced with uncertainty.

I give him a side glance and truly, he looks nervous as he kept fidgeting throughout the way to our art class. Today is Monday and the day professor Vidal is going to announce the names of the students whose pieces are selected for day after tomorrow's art exhibition. It is grand opportunity for everyone as it is said some famous artist and sponsor will be there and that has everyone excited as well as nervous.

"How is Danielle?" I ask referring to his six year old sister.

"She is good and was asking a lot about you and your boyfriend."

"My boyfriend? Really?" I turn to him on my seat, surprised.

His face forms a scowl, "Yes, she wouldn't stop talking about how cute he is and how she wants someone like him to be her prince charming."

I can't help but laugh at this. Even a six year old can get charmed by him in just a meeting. Not that anyone can blame her, he is too beautiful to be true and it is still unbelievable that he is all mine. But Prince charming is not the word I would use for him, he is more like an angel, a dark angel, who has decided to make me his soulmate.

I recall how adamant he was about not letting me go to the diner Dev has invited me, but I was also stubbornly set on going there. I had informed Dev that I'd be coming and didn't want to go back to my word. Even when after lots of persuasion from him I didn't stir, he tried to bargain and boy did he negotiate.

We ended up with a compromise that he'd drop me off there and after a little introduction when he would feel like I was safe, he'd leave. I was reluctant but still I agreed. I remember Mrs. Carl's impressed, Danielle's awestruck and Dev's slight horrified expression at his arrival.


"You promised to not say something rude to them or Dev." I remind him, emphasizing Dev knowing his irrational distaste for my genuine friend, when we arrive the small restaurant Dev has informed me about.

His smirk is the only response I get in return.

Approaching their assigned table I clear my throat, "Hi."

All eyes turn to me but they don't linger any longer and run beside me at my boyfriend. I notice their facial expressions and can't help but feel proud at my man.

Mrs. Carl is first to recover, "You must be Akira, Dev told us about." Rising from her seat she greets me politely but in motherly way that I've come to miss so much.

I smile at her, "Yes that'd be me. Congratulations for your job Mrs. Carl and thank for inviting me."

Chuckling she shakes her head, "Call me Diane, Mrs. Carl make me sound older than I am."

The woman wouldn't be older than forty if not less. She still looks stunning considering she's mother of two children. With blond hair and beautiful brown eyes that matches with both of her children, she still manage to look gorgeous.

"This is my boyfriend, Romero King. This place was on his was so he offered me lift." I inform her.

Her eyes rakes him from up to bottom before offering him a polite smile as if she hasn't just checked him out, "Diane Carl. You are welcome to join us, Romero."


He blinks few times before smiling back, "Thank you."

We return our back to professor Vidal as he continue to call out names.

"Courtney Ralph."

"Drake Talon."

"Ryan Porter."

"Akira Ray."

I block him out after I hear my name.

Oh, my God!

I really did it and I can't even believe it. This is surreal. Now I'm little closer to my dream. My real goal.

Dev gives me a wide grin that I try to return but it feels like my body is numb in so much. Throughout whole class I face a great difficulty to concentrate in lecture and not just daze off.

• • •

When I enter my room with a permanent smile that anyone else would find it creepy. I am still having hard time accepting the fact that I indeed got selected.

"You smile tells me you got it." I find Sydney on couch, grinning from ear to ear.

"I did!" I exclaim and for time I actually believe myself.

Getting up from couch she pulls me in hug and shouts, "This totally calls for a celebration!"

"Does it?" I ask pulling back.

"Hell yes it does! I'm gonna inform guys we are having a club night." She tells while picking her phone.


Of course, she'd celebrate like this. Back at home, celebration involved a cake and nice dinner with everyone from my grandma. Speaking of grandma, I really want to call her and tell about this. It has been five days since we last talked. But not wanting to spoil my mood I end up deciding I'll call her tomorrow and clear everything out.

"But I don't drink." I point out.

She gives me a look, "You gulped down a tequila shot at the party last time."

So that liquid was tequila, that would explain the sudden boost up in my confidence.

I frown at her word, "But how?"

"I was coming after you when I saw you take that shot but King stopped me saying he got you and I couldn't really refuse him."

"Oh." So that is how and why he found me.

"Yes and few drinks won't hurt. Inform King about this and that we are going to Kingly. Also come back here after your work so we can get ready together." After that she engages herself in phone and I'm left alone in my confused state.

Am I really going to have my first club party?

* * * * *

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