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   Chapter 62 Sixty two

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"How are you Akira?" Grandma's voice is comforting.

I then realise how much I really miss it; miss the way she'd take me in her arms at the end of the day and how, despite every hardship, she'd try to find the positive aspect in every situations. I realise how much I truly miss my grandmother.

"I'm fine grandma. How are you?" I ask back, knowing her so well I know that she won't tell me truth until I force it out.

Her snorting laugh is enough to relax me, "I'm fit enough to race you, young lady. Don't think any less of me just because I'm old."

"I'm glad you are well grandmother. I have something to tell you." I try to keep my voice gentle when I come to the main point of this conversation.

"What is it?" She sounds suspicious just as I expect her to be.

"I met a boy-" I don't get to complete my sentence.

"Tell me you are lying!" She demands. She doesn't even want to hear anything about this.

But I can't do that.

"No, I'm not lying. He is good to me, grandma and I love him." My voice is soft but firm.

"You can't love anyone in this short span of time, Akira! You are forgetting why I sent you there so let me remind you that it is because of your studies and your dreams." She now sounds harsh.

"I know that but-"

"No! You listen to me, you are going to cut all your ties with that boy and forget all about this nuisance. Then you will focus on your classes and your grades. You her me?"

I knew this wasn't going to be good but removing Romero from life?

Could I ever do that?

I don't think so.

Because it'd be like removing beats from my heart and I don't think its humanly possible.

"I can't do that. I love him and it's impossible for me to not love him. You need to accept it and I promise that I'm not compromising my dreams. It still is my priority." I try to make her understand though I know it's as easy as to make a wall talk. She'll will understand and accept this whenever she wants too, not because I say so. Elizabeth Ray is mainly known for two things, her strong will power and her stubbornness.

She scoffs, "I am not going to accept anything and if you can't listen to me than there is nothing left for me to say." Her tone is final.

I take a breath to subside the rising agitation, "Alright grandma, I'll talk to you later. Take care of yourself."

I hear her furious huff before she ends the call without a response.

Straightening from my sitting position on bed, I walk over the sliding door. Opening it I step out in the balcony and reach toward the railing. Twisting my head slightly up and I stare at the sky as so many questions begin to come alive.

Could I be with Romero at the cost of my friends and my only family? Could I ever forgive myself for hurting them? Could Romero be enough for me or would our relationship lasts?

These are the questions that don't have any answers. Either I can leave them to be or search them. Though later seems like an impossible task. I'm confused and for time I can't see my path straight. It is almost unrecognizable after a wall standing on between and the wall is non other but Romero King.

I feel him before I see him, I don't think I could ever get used t

st know their favourites. It's their right!

Though I'm itching to know more about him, I know this is not the time so I don't let it discourage me instead I determine to show him everything he has missed.

"Okay, so I have found a movie for today. Titanic, it's one of my favourite and I bet you will love it too because everyone does." I smile.

He doesn't speak just watch me for few seconds before getting up and going toward the door. That must me our pizza, I think to myself as I set for movie.

When he comes back, I play the movie. We take our places beside each other before having pizza.

Throughout the film I feel his eyes consistently on me instead of the screen. I try not notice when his face changes according to my reaction at movie, like when he'd smile at my laugh; or when he'd inhale a breath at my sigh of my amusement ; or when his face would confront one of displeasure at my grieved reaction for those who dies in movie; when he scowls at last when I cry for Jack's death.

He watches me more than he watch the movie and I don't know why but this fills me with an amount of joy. His actions and these little things are enough to speak what he doesn't say with words. I love him more for all the attention he has when it comes to me.

These are last thoughts before I find myself falling in deep satisfying slumber.

• • •

I feel something heavy on me when I next gain my conscious. Frowning I rub my eyes to see clear in darkness. As I try to move I feel something soft beneath me and I realise I'm laying on a bed but how?

My mind races to recall what happened, I remember watching movie and I think I fell asleep afterwards. Romero must have put me here, concluding I try to wiggle but a groan from above me stops my action.

I recognize the heavy above me is not something but a certain someone, my boyfriend to be exact. His hands are wrapped tightly around my waist, his legs are tangled with mine and his whole upper body is draped over mine as he sleeps soundlessly.

I smile despite my discomfort and run my free hand in his hair before surrendering back to growing numbness.

* * * * *

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