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   Chapter 61 Sixty one

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7 year old

They are fighting, again, they always do. I can hear my mom's sobbing and my dad's screaming. I don't know why they fight, but sometime when they don't fight, they look good, happy.

I hear a loud bang. I jump from my bed and run toward the door, but it doesn't open. I know Martha must have locked it, so I couldn't go to my parents. I peak from my window, there is nothing here but next second my mom comes out from the room and run toward front door. She stops abruptly as if she suddenly remember something and turns toward my room and then my window, her eyes contact with mine and she smiles faintly. She doesn't looks good, her cloths are torn and face is injured. After a moment she turns to leave.

"Don't you dare to step out of this house Linda."

My dad's loud voice booms across the house. I turn toward him he looks bad. very bad, his eyes are red like he was crying.

Mom takes a step back, as she says, " No James, stop it. Its enough. I don't love you anymore. You need help."

"No, you love me. You promised, you will always love me. You can't leave me now. I won't let you." Dad shakes his head tightly, as if he is speaking to himself.

"No, you can't. I have had it enough. You can't stop me." Mom takes one more step back.

Dad looks torn, he clutches his chest tight and fall on his knees, crying, "Please, babe don't leave me. I love you. I will always love you. You are my everything, please, please don't go. Don't leave me."

"Goodbye, James. Take care of our son." She turns around and leaves, without even looking back or me. I want to call her and tell her to not go. But my mouth is not working. I can only feel dad's cry and my mom's leaving me.


love you son, always remember that."

He put the gun at his temple, and mutters, "I love you Linda." and closes his eyes, then there is loud bang, followed by loud thud.

I jump and look at dad with wide eyes, he is lying on the floor with his eyes wide open and there is lots of blood, so much blood.


Everywhere is red.

I scream as loud I can, I scream again and again until my throats are dry but dad is not moving.

I sink on floor taking his hand on mine as I try to wake him. "Dad, open your eyes.. dad look at me pl..please dad." I sob silently.

No one is here to help me, I sit there waiting for someone to come and wake my dad up.

When Martha comes, she looks horrified. Rushing to me she engulfs me in her arms and cries with me before everything goes black.


I growl in frustration, fuck, how did I manage to drift in that place while still conscious is beyond me. That place is fucking forbidden for me or my thoughts and it always will be.

Existing my office, I march toward my room. Toward the reason my heart beats; the reason I breath; and the reason I began to live.

My Ray!

* * * * *

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