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   Chapter 60 Sixty

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Have you ever felt the fear of unknown? Like when everything is going good and you're finally happy, a nagging feeling occurs. Involuntarily we start questioning if our reality is a dream and then a sudden fear of being taken away from all your happiness strikes us painfully. We panic and try to absorb as much as possible and that eventually leads to the end of our happiness.

This is exactly what happening to me right now. I'm trying to not panic but it's hard to feel comfortable around these felicity when all my life I have experienced very little happiness. Since I was little girl I had learnt that happiness comes to those who work hard for it but these past few day I'm filled with the joy.

And love.

A luxury that I don't think I deserve. I don't know how to manage myself in it, its scary place. I don't even want to blink for the I fear if I do everything going to be snatched away from me and I'll be left with nothing.

Nothing at all.

I sigh in frustration, there, I go again, thinking about things I shouldn't. I shouldn't worry about future and past every damn time, I should just concentrate on present and enjoy it. Why can't I just do that?

If you could then it wouldn't be you.

Instead of completing my assignment, the reason I am here in Romero's room, I start thinking about absurd things, causing a terrible headache. Picking up my phone I read time to find its almost seven pm.

It has been over an hour since we arrived his condo but he got an urgent call he needed to attend so he


This were his first words to me. Later I found that he was our neighbor's son and since then we became inseparable. Whenever I had nightmare I would go in his room and crawl beside him. He would never ask any question, just pull me to him, murmuring he'd always protect me. And he did protect me, throughout my tormented years he stood beside me, protecting me like a knight he always said he was.

His parents were great and had accepted me like their own. I'm grateful to them but that wouldn't lessen the ache for my own parents. I would always miss them. First Logan and then Bella, they both helped me so much and I love them.

Quickly I type a text to Logan, saying I love him too and would call him later and send it to him, then I dialled my grandma's number. I need to talk with her and tell her about Romero, though I know she'd be disappointed, it's her right to know. She made me whatever I am today.

She picks up in third ring, "Hello?"

Licking my lips I answer, "Hello Grandma."


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