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   Chapter 59 Fifty nine

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Walking to Romero, I grab his arm and pull him forward. I grin at Alex who face is mixture of trouble and confusion, "Alex, meet my boyfriend Romero, " pausing I look up at my boyfriend who is almost ten inches taller than me, "and Romero, this is Alex, my friend."

Romero's eyes narrows infinitesimally at mention of 'my friend'. I think he recognized Alex's name from before, I just hope he doesn't say anything like 'cafe fucker' or worse here. He has his own way of naming all my male friends.

Alex is first one to speak, his voice hard, "We know each other."

My eyes flow back to him, surprised, "You do?"

His eyes move from me to Romero, "You are forgetting that I too, used to study in Yale till last year, Angel. He was my junior."

Romero stiffens beside me, his hand clenching tightly against his side. Eyes flashing in menace, he grits out, "Don't fucking call her that."

I have to hand it to Alex when he doesn't back down and holds his ground, "Why not? She doesn't have any problem with that and you don't tell me what to do."

Romero looks like he has had enough and takes a threatening step forward. I thank god that I'm still holding his arm which causes him to halt. He snaps his face toward me and I'm not surprised to it seething in rage. I give a pleading look and shake my head, I mouth a silent, 'no'.

Still holding his arm I turn my attention to Alex to find him glaring back at Romero, ready to fight back if the later bounce on him. Alex is almost as tall as Romero even a bit bulky than Romero. Though I'm sure he can hold himself against Romero, I don't want them to fight on my account.

Lowering my voice I speak his gently, trying to show my gratitude in it, "Thanks for all your help Alex. I will see you later."

Without waiting for his response I whirl around and stride toward Romero's car, dragging him along with me and I'm glad when he follows me without any protest.

Once beside his car I twist my face toward him with a frown, "Why didn't you tell me that you already know Alex?"

For few moments he studies my

m. He watches me cautiously, calculative my next move as if I'm about create a commotion.

He wants me to speak first but when I don't give in, he sighs raking a hand through his hair, "I am not sorry."

Of course you are not!

I roll my eyes, "I know you are not but you shouldn't have done that."

Scowling, he deadpan, "I will kiss you whenever I want to. That's nonnegotiable."

Against my better judgement I blush, "That's not what I meant. I'm talking about the way you went for. You can't kiss me just to prove your point. First you try to fight without any reason than you try to claim me as if I'm some piece of material."

"I don't want him to call you that. I hate it." His jaw tightens.

"He doesn't mean anything by that. It's just a friendly name, nothing else." I try to make him understand.

His eyes flare with rage, "He wants you, I could see it in his eyes. I swear if he even tries to move in on you, I will kill him."

I want to shout that he is being paranoid but that wouldn't end this argument instead would fuel it.

I frown in denial, "But he doesn't. He is just my friend."

His face turns blank but his eyes holds another story, "We will see about that. Let's go."

Entwining my fingers with his, he walk beside me to his car. He opens the door for me to sit and then goes for his side to follow my suit before roaring engine to life.

* * * * *

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