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   Chapter 58 Fifty eight

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Existing the hall, I let out breath of relief for class getting over, it was an okay class, not much interesting. Till first half I managed to hold my interest but after that it got boring enough for me to sleep. I have no idea how but I have to maintain my work so my grades won't get affected.

On my way back to my next class, I spot familiar figure of Dev standing by his locker, "Dev" I call him.

He turns his attention to me, smiling widely, "Ira, hi."

I approach him with a wave, "Hey, you know anything about about announcement of selected participants?"

It has been two days since we submitted our work to Mr. Vidal and we haven't got any clue for what will happen next. I'd like to think that my art was good enough to be selected, recalling Mr. Vidal's impressed expression but I don't want to get my hope only for it to crash down.

Dev frowns shaking his head, "I don't know but I heard others talking about it and from what they were saying it seems like Mr. Vidal is going to announce names on Monday."

So we have to wait till Monday before we get to know if we are having golden opportunity. I guess we could hand around if we are anticipating a positive outcome but it's still disappointing to wait.

"Er...that's good to hear, I guess." I shrug.

Scoffing he narrows his eyes at me, "Bullocks. You, just like me can't wait to know the damn thing. There is nothing good about this."

I laugh at straightforwardness, "Alright, you caught me. Anyway how is Mrs. Carl? Did she get the job she applied for?" I question, reckoning him mentioning this sometime before.

His eyes brighten up immediately, "Yup she did and we are going to celebrate at a nearby diner this weekend, you should come."

"B-but it's your family thing and I don't want to intrude."

"Oh Come on, you won't be intruding and my mom and sister really want to meet you. You could also meet Jasmine there, she is coming too."

"Wow! Is she already your girlfriend?" I ask grinning from ear to ear.

He blushes slightly, "Uh no. Actually I'm goanna ask her after that. I want to have my mom's approval first."

How many boys these day ask for their parents approval for anything after they turn legal age?

"I'll think about it." I tell him.

Closing his locker shut, he gives me a nod, "Let me know if you want to come, I'll give you the address."

"I will."

"See you tomorrow." Turning around he starts to rush back.

"Bye" I mutter to myself before continuing my walk for my class. I haven't taken more than ten steps when I hear someone call me from behind.

I whirl around and see Alice, the girl from yesterday of room opposite to mine, coming toward me and behind her is a guy with a frustrated l

ever you came for. I will close it myself." Ordering us he turn back to his work.

"Hello Ms. Ray." Alex greets me, smiling.

"Hi Alex. Let me grab my bag then we can talk outside."

Seeing him nod I leap across the corner of room and catch hold of my purse before rushing back. We both get out of the library shutting it firmly behind me.

"Where were you? I tried to call you yesterday. Did you find anything about Eveline?" I question as soon we are out of Mr. Jacob's range if hearing.

"I was out of town and yes, I found few things about Eveline. I even sent you a text about this but you never replied. Didn't you find it?"

That damn text.

Of course.

The same text that became a wedge in my first ever date.

I totally forgot about it till now.

I slap my forehead in annoyance, "Crap, I'm so sorry. I forgot to read it. What was in it anyway?"

"I found out about Eveline and Mr. Jacob's original town. They are from a small town near Ohio. I think my grandfather has their exact address somewhere with him. We could know everything if we find that address. I'll try to get it out from him." He tells me.

He doesn't have any reason to do all this, but he is still doing it and I'm grateful for his help.

"And I could search and try to find something from Mr. Jacob's desk." I add.

He nods in affirmative, "Yeah do that and about the emergency you had on Monday. Is everything okay?" He asks with concern.

That emergency that has turned in so much more. I don't know from where to start.

I smile, "All is well."

He open his mouth to speak but stops as his eyes narrows on something behind me. I turn around to see Romero's car coming toward us. He pulls over just beside us and gets out.

His face blank and eyes holding certain fury in them that I can't understand.

* * * * *

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