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   Chapter 57 Fifty seven

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How can I not love him, when he says thing like this; When he bares open himself like this; When he trusts me enough to show his vulnerability.

I don't know how because it's impossible.

I wonder how many people know this side of him. The defenceless and exposed side, where he doesn't bother to hide his true emotions within mask of the passiveness.

And if anyone knows this side of him, it's impossible for them to not like him.

My mind travels back to the expression of Grace, when she was told of my position in Romero's life. It was obvious that she has crush on him but does she like him on the basis of his outer looks or his inner beauty? Has she seen any emotions run through his eyes and that held her captive? Or she is just fascinated by his charms?

As I watch him drive, I can't help but feel an irrational resentment for anyone who has witnessed his other side before me. I know it's stupid to hold his past against him, I am being ridiculous but I can't help at the moment.

"Grace likes you."

I don't have any particular reason for why I just ask him this question. Maybe I want to see how'd he react to this. Or maybe I just want to confirm that Grace's crush is only one-sided.

Though later seems as ridiculous as I'm being right now.

He snorts, "She doesn't know me."

Means he is aware of her affections. I somewhat expected this since its not humanly possible to miss the star that lits up her eyes in his presence.

"Neither do I." I throw back at him.

That earns me a side glance, "You know me enough."

I hesitate before speaking, "But your enough is not enough for me."

His face stutters slightly but he recovers it just as fast, "I know but I promise that one day you will know me. All of me." He states in hard steely voice.

"I hope that day comes sooner than later when I get know the real you." I breath in.

Taking my hand in his, he kisses my each knuckles delicately, leaving a trail of fire behind his touch. This sign of affection shows more than he could ever speak. I revel in the flame of his passion.

"I am me when I'm with you. You're the only one who has ever come close to the real me."

It's not completely true though, is it?

I could ask about the time when he stood me up or about his family that I know nothing about and many others but this is not time of this conversation. I don't want to start our day with piles of lie when I know he won't tell me truth until he wants to.

I decide to go back to initial topic that brought us here and that is Grace, "So, how do you know about her crush?" I know I'm being overly curious but I don't care.

He frowns but doesn't avert his eyes from road, "

, grinning.

Of course, I'm going to miss him but he doesn't need to know that.

Instead of falling, his smirk widens, "No one has to, I see it right on your face."

Cocky much!

"You're so full of yourself, aren't you?" I grumble, unbuckling my seat belt when I finally manage to notice that we are already outside the campus.

How did I not notice this before?

Oh yeah, that'd be because of his dazzling kiss.

"Never claimed otherwise." He winks with a boyish smile, that has my pulse racing.

Trying to not let it effect me more than it already is, I give him a cheeky smile, "Aw, aren't you a cutie?"

Before he can say something else, I get out of his car and shut it behind me but not before I witness his smile turns into a scowl.

One thing I know for sure is that boys don't like be called cute or adorable. Logan claims that it hurts their manhood.

I turn around to wave him but my heart leaps a beat when I find him staring at me intensely. Gone is the scowl from his face instead there is content look of happy man.

My man.

I quickly whirl back and make my way for the first class. The goofy smile and fluttering of my stomach, never leaving their place.


Third person


He's sat there watching his girl walk away from him. He'd never admit it but this mere sight terrifies him. Though he knows that she is coming back in evening but he can't help but wonder every single time this scene replays, if she is coming back to him or not.

His absolute nightmare is her leaving him, for good and he faces plenty of them every fucking night. Except when she was with him. He fears she will leave him when she learns all about him and realises what a monster he truly is.

Not for the first time he hopes to be wrong about this.

* * * * *

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