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   Chapter 56 Fifty six

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The elegant building of the expensive restaurant standing before me is more intimidating than last time and the mare mention of last time I was here, gives me shudder but in absolute bad way. It brings unsought memory of Romero leaving with Carina, and the same stab of unwanted jealousy. That was also the first time I had acknowledged extent of my feelings for Romero.

The reason I'm more anxious today would the company I'm with. Throughout whole ride he was like a ticking bomb, ready to explode. He has not spoken a word to me after he opened door and ordered me to sit inside. He didn't as much nod when I told him about the address. The drive was as awkward as it was last night. I sent him few curious glances but gave up when he refused to acknowledge me.

Now in front of our destination, my anxiety is so high that I'm contaminating if I should just go back instead of this get-together with his terrible mood. I wanted to have a peaceful time with him and his friends but considering his temper, it doesn't seem possible now.

Though I can't tell if he is still angry or not because of the impassive face he has on but from the slight rigidness of his shoulders I can tell that he is not comfortable here, not at all. And when I really think about it, a horrid realisation drowns me.

Buckling off my seatbelt I turn to him and grab his arm stopping him from getting out. I look straight in his confused eyes when I next speak, "Are you ashamed to be seen with me? Is that why you don't-"

The glare he sends, halts me on mid sentence, "Stop talking woman. You are pissing me off." He grounds out.

My mouth falls open and it takes me a moment to recover, "I'm pissing you off? You are the one who is embarrassed of me! You are the one who don't-" I gasp in surprise when catching my wrist he pulls me toward him.

Holding me tight against him, he exhales a harsh breath, "For fuck sake woman! Is it that bad to want you entirely for me? I didn't want to come here because I don't want to share you with the bunch of fuckers who can't keep their nose to themselves."

I stare in his eyes and all I see sincerity and truth in them, making me feel like a crap for accusing him. I don't let my embarrassment surface instead I blurt out, "But... but they are your friends."

His eyes narrows at me as though he knows what I just did, "The only person I consider my friend is Slade and the rest are his baggage."

That tells a lot why he doesn't usually speak with everyone else.

"Oh", I nod, suddenly aware of my closeness to him and his hand on my waist. Our faces are almost touching and I notice few of my hair tendrils are spread on his shoulders.

I try to move away but he doesn't bulge and keeps me still. I peer back in his eyes and swallow at the intensity behind the glorious silver eyes, "Never ever think again that I could be ashamed of you. If anyone here needs to be ashamed, it should be other way around. You understand me?"

Not a sound comes out when I open my lips to whisper 'yes' but he nods as though he has heard my unspoken word.

Placing a toe curling kiss on my awaiting lips, he pulls away. "Now come on, lets get over with this."

Getting out, Romero comes toward me and placing a hand on my waist, he leads me for the front door. This

car, rushing back for my first class.

It was nice to have breakfast with everyone.

It would have been best if it was with only Romero.

Can't argue with that.

"For how long you and Slade have known each other." I ask curious.

He gives me an skeptical glance, "Since we were eighteen."

"Did you go school together?"

His face becomes bleak as he answers, "For a while, yes."

I get it.

He doesn't want to talk about it, so I don't press any further, instead turn to look out of window.

After few minutes I hear him inhale, "After your class ends, I will drop you off to your work." He informs me as if I'm supposed to be okay that.

"No you won't." I retort.

"Why the fuck not?"

"Just because." I shrug.

"That's not even an excuse! Are you going with that art fucker? Because I swear to-"

"That art fucker is my friend, his name is Dav and no, I'm not going with him." I snap cutting him off.

"Then with whom you are going?" He demands.

"Jesus! I'm not going with anyone. I plan to walk to my library. Alone."

He frowns as if I'm being stupid, "Why the hell you want to walk, when I can easily take you there?"

"I like to walk alone because it helps me to clear my mind and to keep me focused."

He releases a breath, obviously frustrated from not getting what he wants, "Fine but I'm picking you from your work."

Compromise, yes I can work with that.

I nod, "Okay."

"And then you are coming back to my condo." He adds grunting.

I have no problem with that. I would love to have some quality time alone with my boyfriend after whole day of class and work.

"I am?" I question, amused from his tantrum.

"Yes you are and then you are staying for night."


Now I'm confused. I'm sure he knows that I'm not ready to step any further in our new born relationship. So, "Why?"

He must have seen something on my face before he answers this, "To sleep. Nothing else, just sleep."

Not helping.

I'm still confused. Scrunching my nose I repeat, "Why?"

He gives me a powerful intense look slightly spiked with vulnerability, when he later speaks in a soft low voice, "Because I am able to sleep when you are with me."

* * * * *

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