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   Chapter 55 Fifty five

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They say we don't spend much time in sleep when reality is finally better than dream. Well not for me. It doesn't matter if reality is better or not, sleep for me is non-negotiable.

Next day I wake up little late than usual, knowing I don't have any class until 10:30 am and even then I have more than enough time. I lay there in bed for few minutes thinking about all the things happened yesterday. It was an eventual day that I both love and hate. Actually its much more love than hate. Even a smallest moment with Romero never fails to excite me. A smile grace my lips as my thoughts itself reach toward him.

My Romero.

Forcing myself to stop with my daydreaming, I get up reluctantly. After my morning routine I decide to do some of my assignment. Now that classes have picked up their speed it's going to need our full concentration to be parallel with them. A bit of negligence and we are behind our class, then it gets very to difficult to recover.

Halfway through my assignment my phone vibrates indicating an incoming call. I pick it up immediately after checking it's from Bella.

"Bella, is everything okay?" I ask, worried. It's unusual for my best friends to call me this early. Yesterday it's Logan and now Bella. Thousands of sceneries run in my mind that I hope are not true.

"Good morning to you too." She is teasing and I relax, just slightly.

"I'm not in mood of joke. Tell me what happened with your parents. Logan was really upset yesterday." I demand firmly.

She lets out a deep breath from other side, "You know my parents. Bloody obnoxious assholes. They apologized to me and wanted me to come back. I, being stupid as always, believed them until I heard their condition to leave Logan. I just... I was so happy Ira that finally they are acknowledging me but I should have known better. I can't believe that I even considered leaving Logan for them, I feel so guilty." Her voice shakes at the end like she is about to cry but I know her. She is one of those people who don't like to show weakness in front of others. She'd rather hang up than have me witness of her crying.

"You can't blame yourself for wanting your parents love, Bella. There is nothing to feel guilty about. Talk to Logan, I'm sure he will understand you." I tell her as softly I could. Her parents really are douches. She may as well be orphan, regardless of them.

How could they do that to their own daughter? I don't think I could ever understand this.

"We did talk yesterday." She sounds relieved.

"So what happened? Are you guys okay now?" I ask picking my nails.

Her tone changes as it gets more excited, "Okay? We are more than just fucking okay. We cleared all our misunderstanding along with hot make sex. It was so amazing that I think I saw stars and-"

Scoffing, I cut her short, "Please do spare the details. I need no visuals of your love making."

She chuckles, "Don't be so prude Ira. So, how is Yale handling you? Is there any hot boy who caught your eye?"

I blink at her question. I can't decide whether I should I tell her or not? But then I think they are my best friends, we have always s

just last night."

My mobile chimes indicating a message from Romero saying he is outside.

"Oh. Anyway Romero is here. Do you want to came with us?" I ask.

"No, Luke is coming for me. Tell King that we are meeting in same restaurant."

I give her nod before grabbing my purse, I come out of the room.

It's little weird to hear everyone other than me say him King. I'm so used to saying Romero from the start that King seems foreign to me.

I spot him sitting inside his car almost immediately as I soon I am out of the gate. He is this source of power and intimidation that is relatively impossible to miss.

Noticing my arrival he gets out his car and stands against it. I stop once I'm in front of him. I look at him from up and down, observing slight change in his outfit. Instead of his black tee and jacket, he is wearing a grey shirt with its sleeves folded to elbow along with his usual black jeans.

It fits him perfectly like they are made for him. He looks so gorgeous in this. Heck, he is hot, regardless of his clothes, even more hot without them. A sudden image of shirtless Romero as sweat tickles through his abs appears in front of my eyes causing me to blush.

Sound of clearing throat brings me back to reality. I look up in his eyes to see them shimmering with laughter. He raises one of his eyebrow as if asking 'done?' If possible my face burns further in embarrassment of getting caught while checking him out.

Averting my eyes I try to catch my fleeting emotions, "Uh Sydney wanted everyone to have breakfast together and I told her we'd be there. Is it okay with you?" I tell him, silently dreading of his reaction.

And the change is instant.

He stiffens and his hand clenches at his side, I don't bother to look up to know he is angry, "I wanted us to be alone but if you'd rather be with everyone else then that's totally fine by me." Though his voice is like soft caress, it's mocking and laced with sarcasm.

I think deep down somehow I already knew he'd react like this.

Suddenly, having breakfast together seems like a bad idea.

* * * * *

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