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   Chapter 54 Fifty four

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Life is a mystery and it works in funny way, doesn't it? One moment it is showing us rainbow and then next bloody dark cloud; One second we are bursting with happiness and then next glooming in sadness.

Though only we are to blame for our dismay because when we have light in front of our eyes, we forget about the dark which is out there. We ignore the fact that darkness is still lurking around somewhere, waiting for its chance, letting us believe that we have conquered it and once we are trapped, it attacks us, from every corner.

And that hurts most.

Just few hours ago, I realized that I was in love, I was happy. For the first time in so many years I felt content.

And foolishly I shoved away the fact that it was too good to be true.

I let out a bitter laugh at my own stupidity. How silly I was to try to hold that happiness knowing fully well that my own darkness always comes for me.

It is a truth of my life. I could never escape it.

Aimlessly, I walk in the empty hallway of my dorm toward my room, recalling my date that just ended sometime ago in disaster. Everything was going perfect, Romero was perfect, then one bloody message and he just flipped, leaving me all messed up.

I sigh in relief when I see the door of my room. At least now I can take a relaxing shower to get rid of some exhaustion and perhaps some sleep, that is if I could.

Approaching the door I grab the knob to open it but before I could so much turn it, a hand appears out of nowhere and grabs my own, stopping me. I shiver when the sparks of familiarity flows in my vein.


I breath out.

"Turn around." he orders breathlessly. I hear his heavy trails of breath at the endings as if he has been running.

I shake my head in denial. I can't turn around for the fear that I'm dreaming and when I'd turn he wouldn't be here. I don't want to feel the disappointment of knowing that he didn't come after me. One time is enough to know that I am not worth enough.

"Turn around, Ray." This time when he speaks, his voice holds a force and heaviness that could intimidate anyone. It is the voice that leaves no room for rejection and I'm no exception to it.

Closing my eyes, I turn around praying silently that it is not a dream and the next thing I feel is his soft dry lips firmly on mine. Proving the point it's real. He is real.

And he came after you.

That is the only thing that matters for now.

A shocked but delighted gasp leaves me, giving him perfect opportunity to sweep his tongue in my mouth and suddenly I'm surrounded by him, his scent, his feel and his touch. I feel him everywhere through the kiss.

He work his lips against mine delicately with so much of softness. I can't help but feel my own lips moves against his wit

rs are true huh?"

Stiffening at the sudden intrusion, I turn to my right to see a black haired girl standing by door of the room opposite of mine, looking at me with an amused expression. "What do you mean?" I ask.

"Rumours that King got himself a bitch. You really must be special huh?"

"Excuse me?" I scowl at her. I notice that she doesn't look like other typical girls here, infact she looks more of badass type. Her shoulder and arms are painted with tattoos. She has lots of piercing too, on her brows, ears and nose.

"Oh don't be offended, its my way of speaking. So you and king?" She furrows her eyebrows suggestively.

I can't tell her intentions but still I answer her, "He is my boyfriend."

"Oh dear! How did you manage to do something so impossible?" She gasps dramatically.

I laugh, "I guess I'm really that special." I mimic her words, still laughing.

She joins me in my laugh. Once we are sober, she introduce herself, "I'm Alice, first year."

"Nice to meet you, Alice. I'm Akira, first year." I smile.

"Looks like you have had a memorable day so I'll let you go for the promise you will tell me how you managed to tame the mighty King." She gives me a pointed stare.

Smiling, I give her thumbs up, "Good night Alice, until later."

She waves, "Night and by the way that parting look he gave was so hot." Winking, she closes the door.

I blush thinking of that, yeah it was hot.

You bet!

I decide that she is not that bad as I thought in beginning. I could use some real friends, I guess.

Entering, I close the door behind me, only to find eager looking Sydney waiting for me.

"You know it was so hard to not eavesdrop when all I wanted to lace myself on the door since I got the whip that something was going on other side of door. Details now!"

Here goes my nice shower and sleep!

* * * * *

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