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   Chapter 53 Fifty three

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Our 'kind of' staring contest breaks when the man from earlier knocks on the door, notifying his presence. He seems scared as he walk toward us like he is walking on an unknown territory and I can't seriously blame him. I still remember my first day like yesterday when I received my first glare from the person sitting opposite of me, I was so scared that I thought I might piss in my pant. Romero has that effect on people.

Slowly but surely he reaches our table scrolling a trolley along with him. Raising his head slightly he nods at Romero and me, greeting politely, "Good evening sir, mam."

He then carry on transferring all the things from trolley to our table silently. Once he is finished, he takes a step back looking at Romero, "Would you like to have some wine along with the dinner, sir?"

Romero gives me a glance and asks, "Which one you prefer, red, white or anything else?"

"I don't know, the only drink I have ever tasted is red wine." I shrug.

Leaving that one glass at party.

That doesn't count!

Back in home, grandma always has a bottle or two of red wine in fridge that she likes to drink with her dinner. I have had it few times before, without her knowledge of course.

He raises his brow but doesn't comment. Turning back to the man he orders, "Get some red wine."

The man nods, "Enjoy your dinner." Before retreating with his trolley.

I look down at the foreign thing on the plate in front of me. I have no idea what it is but it kind of looks like pasta with some more ingredients in it.

"I didn't know anything about your favourites so I just ordered it."

Hearing Romero's voice I look up from my plate, "What is it?"

"It's Pasta e fagioli, an Italian dish. Eat it, you will like it."


I take one spoon full of it and stuff it in mouth and he is right. It is freaking mouthwatering, a bit spicy and damn tasty.

"It's delicious." I almost moan out the words. His expectant looking face relaxes and he gives me a smug, boyish grin as if saying 'I told you so' before digging in his own plate.

Another man carrying a bottle of red wine enters with a knock on the door. Romero stops him when he goes to open the cork with a, word, "Leave."


I flash that man an apologetic glance when he turn around, silently giving an excuse for Romero's rudeness but there is no excuse seriously, he is the way he is. For a moment I also contemplate telling Romero how rude his behavior was but thought better of it. I don't want to ruin his mood when he is like this, happy. And also I think that all the staff member must be aware of his attitude considering they don't even twitch at his curtness.

Romero, then opens the cork of the bottle and pours wine in two glass. I take the glass when he offers and murmur a 'thank you'.

Taking a sip from my glass, I continue to chew my yummy dinner, shifting slightly


He starts engine and car begin to move in silence. This time, silence is not comfortable like before but piercing like thorn.

And I don't like this.

I open my mouth to speak, "Rom-" but he starts radio to shut me off.

Now he is being a jerk!

I don't know why he is angry with me. I get that he is jealous because I'd be too if gets a text from Carina or any other girl at ten pm, but instead of talking to me when I'm trying, he let his mood take an U-turn. We could avoid this whole sulking if he just talk to me.

There is nothing to get angry when I didn't even open that text. Why can't he understand that my priority is him. I knew he wouldn't like me opening that text so I didn't. I choose him, how hard is it to understand. Ugh, now I am getting angry.

By the time car stops in front of my dorm, I am exhausted both mentally and physically. I have no energy to have any drama. Taking off his jacket, I gently place it between the seats without looking him, "Thank you for everything Romero. I had great time today." Well, until some time ago, I don't say that aloud.

It takes everything within me to not turn around and comfort him from his irrational anger and jealousy.

Reaching for the door I come out of his car and close it behind me. Aimlessly I walk toward my room carrying a heavy heart.

Why does it happen to me?

Everything was going fine and then it was not fine at all. How did such a beautiful day of my life ended with a disaster? And it's all because of a less than important text.

A disturbing question occurs to me, is my love strong enough to survive everything or is it going to destroyed in this brutal world? But I successfully shove it away, for now.

My heart breaks when I hear his car roar away from me. I think somewhat, deep down I was hoping that he'd come after me.

I guess I was wrong, I think bitterly to myself as an unwanted tear escapes my eye.

* ** * *

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