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   Chapter 52 Fifty two

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I can't believe I just said that!

Holy Crap!

Why do I have to speak so bluntly?

I'm such an idiot.

I watch him, waiting for any reaction and I get one when his smile changes in a cocky smirk. Bending slightly, he whispers, "I'm glad you like what you see, though beautiful isn't the word I have been referred before but I guess I could endure it for you ."

Is he teasing me?

Not knowing how to response, I decide to tease back, "Surely it's not that hard to endure, is it?"

He cocks his head in denial, "No, it's not and even if it was, that wouldn't have stopped me from having what I want."

As he finishes, his eyes are intensified ten fold and I'm not sure if we are talking about same thing. Because he looks like he has something else on his mind.

Averting my eyes from his burning ones I let them roam around the room once more, "It's stunning." I tell him.

"Do you like it?" I hear him ask from my side and I notice how his voice has lost its cockiness replacing a hint nervousness in it.

I look back to him, giving him my most reassuring smile, "It is gorgeous, of course I like it. Whole yacht is beautiful, both from inside and out. It must have taken lots of effort to make it this amazing." I muse.

This time he gives me his full smile, the breathtaking dimple smile, and momentarily I'm blown away from it.


It takes me a second to recover from the impact of his boyish smile and only then I realize he is speaking, "Yes, it took me almost five months to make this ready. I had some help but I wanted to do it by own. Interiors and engine were hard to come with perfectly, most of the time I had to reverse it in order to get it right. One time it was even ready in time period of three month but it wouldn't start so I had to redo it. It doesn't matter how much time it took, what matters is result is favorable. I'm really glad that you like it."

"You made it?" I ask in surprise and in amazement.

His smile turns a little shy but proud, "Yeah, I guess you could say that. When I added construction into my business, I also took an interest in manufacturing. I designed it when I was eighteen."

I like when he sta


Christ! I am in love with Romero.

What surprises me most is the part that I'm not even surprised with this revelation. It feels like I've always known this and accepted it. I just wasn't admitting it and now I have done that too.

Oh. My. God.

I'm in love.

And I'm not even freaking out!

Breathing deeply, I glance back to the boy I love and confess, "No one has ever done anything like this for me before. Everything is just beautiful. Thank you so much Romero."

Staring deep in my eyes all while daring me to look away, he states with his deep voice that reaches my soul, "There is nothing I wouldn't do for you, Ray. You don't ever have to thank me."

The sheer intensity of his eyes tell me all those things he is not ready to accept, all those emotions he couldn't express and for first time I don't want to look away from them. I want to revel in them and loose myself in the pureness of the grey orbs.

This is love for you.

The love I am feeling for this boy is not vocable, it only can be felt. This emotions are so hard, so thick that I think even if I get drowned in it, they'd still be too much. I have never felt like this before, ever. This is totally new but somehow it is familiar, like I have known them for forever.

I could have sworn that my heart whispers single thing every time I see him and it says, 'I'm yours'.

And now it's true.

My heart is his and I don't think it's ever going to change.

* * * * *

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