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   Chapter 51 Fifty one

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Third person


He looks at the girl beside him with wonder as he couldn't believe she is actually there, with him. It feels like a dream to him. He is convinced that it is just a bloody illusion and when the haze would clear she'd fucking disappear in dark night. Nothing good stays with him, he is that fucked up and she is far more precious than every other good thing in his past.

He watches intensely as her expression changes, a smile forms on her soft lips and all the air is knocked out of his lunge. His chest tightens painfully and he finds it hard to breath but even then he couldn't find it in himself to remove his gaze from her, it is impossible for him. He is hypnotized under her spell, and like a captive all he could do is stare. It feels like torture and peace to him, like prison and freedom to him.

As he observes her breathtaking smile he can't help but feel jealous of his own creation. Fuck that, he growls inwardly, he is jealous of every other reason behind her smile that is not him. She doesn't have any idea of the power she holds on him or what her smile could do to him. For a moment he even considers locking both of them up in his cabin and throw the key away, then she would never leave him not even when he fucks up.

This insane idea and the extent he is ready to cross just to keep her terrifies him. He has this love-hate relationship with these terrifying emotions. On times he'd feel like a King, who has conquered whole world and other times, he'd be plain helpless. Despite these weakness, he is addicted to them, he is obsess with these emotions, he never wants them to go away.

It is not that he didn't try, because he tried. He tried so hard to kill these emotions, not for him but for her sake, but they keep coming back. Before, they wouldn't leave him alone and now he does not want them to. At first he didn't understand these foreign affection but now he knows what they exactly are. He just isn't ready to accept them yet, not till she feels same for him or until she needs him as much he, her. He is waiting for the moment she wants him enough to stay.




"Oh my, " I breath out, looking disbelievingly at the thing in front of me.

I can't help but gape at the beautiful yacht or boat in front of me. It is magnificent, really. The first thing I notice is its colour. Grey, the exact same shade of his eyes, its alluring. Just from its outer appearance, it express infinite amount of wealth and elegancy. It is large but not huge. Its first half part is open, anyone could enjoy open night here. In the middle of it, is written 'King' in bold later, presenting yet another propert

me place for quite some time, lost in each other and enjoying a beautiful scene until Romero's phone buzzed cutting the beautiful silence between us.

I was disappointed when he excused himself and went inside. I physically felt his absence when he untangled himself leaving me cold. I wanted to wrap myself tightly around him but immediately dismissed the urge.

While waiting, I sulked a little but it died as quickly when one of the staff member approached me and politely inviting me inside by 'his Sir's' order. It was not difficult to figure out who this sir was.

And now, following him inside, once again I am left amazed. I swirl around finding whole room filled with dim red lights illuminating this room like the star do in sky. In the center of the room is an elegant looking oval shaped table lighted with candles.

And Romero says he doesn't do romance!

It sure looks like a romantic gesture.


Suddenly aware of his presence behind me, I whirl back to see him at the door, leaning against it.

"Hi", I speak stupidly.

A small smile grace his lips and his eyes twinkling lightly as he slowly moves toward me like a predator. I suddenly feel like the prey he is on hunt.

Once he is close enough to touch our bodies, he whispers, "Hi". His voice deliberately husky.

My eyes are so stuck to his beautiful smile that I couldn't even respond when he reaches forward tucking loose tendril of my hair behind my ear, letting his hand give a feather light touch to the expose area of my neck.

His dazzling smile is luminous that it almost reaches my soul.

I'm so in love with his smile.

You are in love with him, period!

I think I am.

Still dazed by his pretty smile, I unconsciously breath out, "You are so beautiful Romero."

* * * * *

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