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   Chapter 50 Fifty

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As time passes my wait for evening also increases. Currently I'm on my desk waiting for clock to hit five then I could go back and get ready for my first date. Usually I leave at seven pm but today I really want to leave early and Romero has said that he'd pick me by seven pm so it'd give me enough time to get ready.

Last time, I was nervous and scared but this time I'm just plain eager. There is no nervousness or fear of being stood up inside me. Its like I could see straight this time. Maybe it's the way he said he'd be here or maybe it's the promise held behind those grey eyes, I can't be sure but I know for sure that today he will be there for me.

I want to dress up for today's date. I want to look good for him. Even last time I wanted to look good but not as much this time. I had just worn my favourite dress in morning which got a bit wrinkled by the end of the day. In haze of fear and excitement, I paid it no mind but not this time, today I want it to be perfect for him. Just like he is and just like he deserves.

These few things has me wandering if deep down I suspected for him to ditch me.

Leave it behind!


I don't want to think about that day anymore, it has already upset me entire last week. It is time to move on, not look behind at the source of any despair.

The bell of clock reminds me where I am and what I've to do. I look at it find it showing five o'clock, finally. Getting out of my desk, I approach Mr. Jacob's desk, where my eyes catches Eveline's photo. I frown remembering Alex didn't answer me when I called him about an hour ago. I hope he is okay and he has some information about Eveline. I make a mental note to call him again latter.

"Mr. Jacob?"

Hearing my voice, he snaps his eyes at me with a scowl on his wrinkled face, "Yes?"

I fiddle with my fingers nervously, "I need to leave early today. I have got something to do."

Something means a date!

It is not exactly a lie since I want to leave early to get ready. It is something to do right? I don't say 'date' mainly because I don't want to trigger his memo

I feel him lean toward me and I freeze. For a second I think he is going to kiss me but then I hear sound of seatbelt. I want to roll my eyes, of course, he is fastening my seat-bloody-belt.

Just as I go to release a breath of disappointment, he raises his other hand and tugs a tendril of hair behind my ear and before I could even blink his lips brush along my left cheeks, halting by the corner of my lips, teasing me.

And the tease he is.

He lets them stay there for a long moment. My eyes flutter shut as I rejoice his touch, all my previous nervousness evaporates in thin air. I feel like I could breath again. His touch has that effect on me.

When he moves back to start engine I fight back a moan of protest. I find myself thinking about his kiss and how badly I want to kiss him right now. I feel his gaze on me every once while during our whole ride, but I don't dare to return it, fearing I might give in temptation and kiss the day light out of him.

After about half hour of silent drive, car comes to halt. I look around but find nothing other that empty land.

What is this place?

Climbing out of car, Romero comes at my side, helping me out. He takes my hand pulling me ahead and I let him lead.

A involuntary gasp leaves my lips when we stop at a distance from the view in front of me.

I don't know what I was expecting for this date but surely not this.

* * * * *

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