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   Chapter 49 Fourty nine

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Opening the door of my room, I enter with a soaring heart that can't keep my happiness in bay. I'm happy, more than happy.

Walking in kitchen I take out a bottle of water, I hear Sydney's voice behind me.

"You are flushed and you have that smile on your face."

She is right. I have this gleeful smile on face that wouldn't go away, even during my class I kept driving off to the moment when Romero told me that he is mine. Mine. I must look like a lovesick fool and its creepy.

Opening the cap of bottle, I take a sip before turning around, I ask "Like what?"

She grins, "Like you got some good shag last night."

The hell?

I spit out my water, "What?" I exclaim through my coughing.

She burst out laughing, "Jesus! Your face. It was priceless."

I turn crimson in embarrassment but keep a straight face and stare her until she takes deep breath to control her laughter fit.

"It was not funny." I deadpan.

Syd smirks in mirth, "It was fucking hilarious. You should have seen your face."

I know what my face would have looked alike, like a girl who walked in room full with naked boys.

Wouldn't it be haven?

Shut up!

I turn back to put the bottle in fridge, hoping my face would get normal, but no, once again my smile returns when I think of Romero's words. I think I might have swooned on them if it weren't of me getting late and I have been thinking of them since then, it's like they are echoing around in my head.


"You shouldn't need to ask me that, Ray. I am your whatever you want me to. Hell, I have been yours since the very first time I saw your beautiful blue eyes."


Oh, how I love it when he calls me Ray. Though my name is Akira, I hate it when he calls me that. I remember he

m, not completely but still, I know him."

She turns sober at my words, "Like I said before its not my place to tell you what to do or what no. I just want you to be careful and patient, it's King you are dealing with. Anyway what heart wants, it wants."

I smile at her, "There is always a risk where heart is concerned and I know its not going to be easy but Romero is worth it."

I know he is. He is worth everything I am living on. I may not know him fully but I know him enough to feel his own feelings for me. I have seen them through his eyes and I know they were not lying.

"He lets you use his name, that only shows many things. I don't really know how he is with you but I have seen few times how strongly he reacts when it comes to you. I hope for your sake that you two work out."

Still smiling, I jump down the counter, "I hope that too. Anyway I gotta go. I don't want to anger Mr. Jacob."

She nod, "Don't worry about your date, I am gonna make you look perfect for it."

I grin at her, "Thanks Syd, I owe you one."

Scoffing, she pushes me toward door, "Don't mention it."

Exiting from room, I call back, "See you in evening."


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