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   Chapter 48 Fourty eight

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I'm sat in front of Martha as she prepares sandwich for me, per Romero's order. He has excused himself to shower but before that he not so subtly demanded Martha to make something for me to eat and granted me a look that said 'you better do as told'. He then told me that he'd drop me off before my class starts and seeing I still have one hour left for my first class to start, I'm in no hurry. If I'm to be honest I'm quite hungry considering I have not eaten since yesterday morning.

I couldn't eat my burger last night because of Romero's call and that reminds me I have to apologize to Alex for brushing him off like that. I also need to know if he has asked his grandfather about Eveline.

"Here Ms. Ray." Martha says, pushing a plate for me.

I have told her few times already to call me Akira but she insists that she'd rather call me 'Ms. Ray'. It still makes me uncomfortable but I guess I can get used to it.

I thank her and she goes back to her work. I take a bite of it and stifle a moan of appreciation.


It's divine, if only I could get food like this. I don't think I could ever deny this.

I glance back at petite woman and clear my throat, "Is this a regular thing Martha? I mean for Romero to bring girls here?" I ask her.

You are prying.

I know that.

But it has been bothering me entire time I was sitting here. I don't want her to think of me like those girls too. I'm not the type of girl for whom others opinion doesn't matter. It matters to me and it matters a lot that what people think of me. I never want others to think of me as something I'm not.

Martha looks confuse at first before understanding follows and she smiles, "No Ms. Ray, its not common for him to bring a girl with him. You are the only girl who has ever entered this place."

"Really?" I can't hide the surprise and relief in my voice.

Surprise, for it feels unbelievable that he didn't bring any of those girls or Carina here and relief for I am not other one of his conquests. I feel like I'm special and important to him.

She nods, "I've known him since he was little boy and never once I have seen him with any girl. I even thought that he was gay until I got to know about his uh casual settings through Paul." She looks little uncomfortable as she gauges my reaction about 'his casual settings'.

You mean his fuck buddies.

I want to tell her that I already know of his 'fuck buddies' but I don't.

When I don't give her any reaction, she clears her throat and smiles warmly, "I was shocked when Paul informed me of you but I'm really glad it's you. God knows that the boy needs you in his life to see light of this world."

My face heats at her words, I duck my face down going back to eat my delicious s

I'd think of something.

I smile at his confused face, "Yes I'd like to go on a date with you."

He sighs closing his eyes and mutters, "Thank fuck."

I decide to tease him a little, "As long as you don't leave me standing there to wait for you, again."

He stiffens at my words opening his eyes, he let them meet mine. I see fear, vulnerability and panic in them. I realise how stupid it was for me joke about that. I'm an idiot, I shouldn't have brought that up when he already apologized so many times. Even though he didn't tell me the truth for why he stood me up, he still said sorry and I should wait, for him to see that he could tell me anything. Maybe that is when he'd tell me truth, not some excuse.

I lower my eyes, "I was just kidding. A stupid joke, really. I'm sorry."

He does not say anything but throws his head back at the seat. His hands clench tightly around steering wheel, I really regret asking him that. I think I should just get out of here and leave him to cool down.

Then out of nowhere a question flows in my mind, making me halt. I open my mouth and whisper comes out, "Can I ask you something?"

He glances at me wearily, analysing me, "Yes?"

I clear my throat, "You said I'm your girl but does that mean you are my... uh.. boyfriend?" I ask nervously.

I had to ask this and hear his answer to know that I'm not living a illusion. I need to know yesterday was real, not just a shadow of my brain.

He frowns, "Is that a question?" He repeats my words from earlier.

I nod, gulping, "Yes."

His grey eyes roam around my face before setting on my eyes with intensified stare making my heartbeat accelerate. He says, "You shouldn't need to ask me that, Ray. I am your whatever you want me to. Hell, I have been yours since the very first time I saw your beautiful blue eyes."

* * * * *

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