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   Chapter 47 Fourty seven

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I wake up with a sense of loss. I immediately recognise what it is. I have felt this for whole last week.

And it hurts.

Because it's loss of Romero, of his presence.

Darn it!

Stretching, I open my eyes involuntarily and tense at unfamiliar surrounding but before I could panic, deeds of last night arise in full speed making my slump deeper in bed.

I sigh remembering how good it felt in his arms, how enticing he smells and how we both fit together. I yearn for him, crave for his touch and I'm greedy for his affections. Last night was one of my best nights and I never want to forget it.

I remember his words but what does all that mean now? Do I want to get my hopes up for nothing? Am I ready to face him? Where is he? Is he going to pretend last night didn't happen? Or is he going to back at his King mode? I hope not.

I leap out of bed and make my way toward bathroom. Inside, I find a new toothbrush beside sink. I wonder if he put it here. Shaking my head, I brush my teeth and wash my face. Once I'm done, I come out of his room and see few other rooms in hallway but I don't think he is in any of them since they all are closed.

Slowly I roll down the stairs and instantly I'm hit by the sweet aroma of coffee. It must be Romero, I think and enter inside kitchen only to stop still as I gaze a grey haired woman who is working efficiently before me.

Is she his mom? I question myself.

I clear my throat, "Uh excuse me?"

She jumps lightly, turning to face me. She stares me for a long moment before smiling warmly, "Oh dear! You must be the guest Paul mentioned about. I'm Martha, Young master's housekeeper."

She is kind and welcoming. Her smile is inviting. She doesn't look younger than fifty years, if not more.

I smile back at the short woman, "Yes I would be that guest of your young master. Akira Ray."

"Would you like to eat something Ms. Ray?" She asks beaming.

It's really odd and uneasy for me to have someone elderly as her ask me to eat something.

I shake my head, "No thank you."

Her vibrant face fell slightly making me feel like an ungrateful prick, "Oh, what about coffee, Ms Ray?"

"Please call me Akira and yes, coffee will do. Thanks." I reply.

"Very well."

She turns to machine and prepares coffee for me. Once she is done, she hands it to me.

I take it from her, taking a sip, "Thank you, Martha. Do you know where Romero is?"

She looks surprised, probably due to his name then she nods, "He is in his gym. Third door by that corner." She points at the direction.

I smile, finishing coffee and putting mug in basin, "Thank you Martha."

Just as I go to whirl around but her voice stops me, "Here, your clothes are cleansed and I found this, " she shows my phone and my last night's attire, "in your jeans when young master told me to clean it."

I then notice that I'm still in Romero's clothes. I groan inwardly. Crap! My face feels hot as I avoid her eyes and accepting my things from her hands. Mortified, I mutter a 'thank y

t like it when I'm not with you. I hate it when I can't see you. Even when I wanted to hate you, my heart wouldn't take it. It always takes your side, believing good in you. Even when I didn't know, in my heart it's only you. Always you."

I haven't said love yet because I want to confirm myself. I want him to say it first or at least wait for sometime and see what our future holds. He has already so much power over me, enough to shatter me apart. I'm not ready to give him more yet.

He searches in my eyes for something once he finds it, his body relaxes, "I am not normal, neither are my feelings for you but I want to try this relationship thing. I know shit about it but for you I'm willing to try. Think carefully before you answer me. Do you want to be my girl?" He asks, grey eyes intensely staring in my blue ones.

How could I say no? When all I want to become his and he, mine. There is nothing to think about. It doesn't matter if we are going in fast pace because it is us. Our feelings were never ordinary, it was there from our first touch.

"I want to be yours." I confess, my own voice thick with emotions.

If it is possible he relaxes further, "Good. But you need to know that once you are mine, you are mine. I need you to promise me that you will never give up on me, on us. I am possessive, jealous and irrational even, I don't really think before doing or saying anything. I am going to fuck up, I know I will because this is who I am. I fuck everything-"

I press my lips to his, not letting him complete. I close my eyes, savouring his touch. We don't move our lips, just keep it touched. It is a sweat little peck but it still curls my toes and it still reaches to my soul.

A moment later I pull apart, opening my eyes and find his are still closed. He has most content expression I have ever seen. He looks satisfied and happy.

When he opens his eyes, they are sparking with emotions, reflecting my own. I murmur under my breath, "I promise." But I know he has heard me.

* * * * *

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