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   Chapter 46 Fourty six

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My brain is puzzled by Romero's sudden withdrawal as he leads me back. I'm trying to think what has caused his change of mood. But by the way he is not stumbling and keeping himself together, I think it's because he is kinda sober now. I guess he must have realised that he has spoken too much for today or he has said something he didn't mean to and that turned him distant.

This is what I was fearing whole time, that he would become like this once he is sober. When he is drunk, it feels like he is with me and I could touch him, reach him. He lets his guard down when he is wasted and that makes him perceptible.

Right now I want nothing more than to go back when he was kissing me and hugging me tight. When he was palpable with those speaking grey orbs. My only comfort is the way he is holding my hand as we walk, the firm grip of his hand is keeping me together. I want to reach out and wrap his arm around me, tugging him close to me, so close that our heartbeats could talk what we can't.

Once we reach by the black car, the big man, Paul gives a nod to Romero, opening door for us. Romero motions me to sit first so I slide inside before he follows my suit. Interior of this car is extremely expensive and sheltered. There is more than enough space for us. Sitting beside him feels warm, just like first time I rode with him, in his other car.

Speaking of which, I wonder if he came here by his car and if he has then where is it? I don't see any car around us but then its quite dark here considering it is one in the morning. Tomorrow is my class at nine but I decide to worry about it later.

"Condo, Paul." My dark angel orders.

The big guy nods in response, "Sir."

The respect he shows to Romero is unbelievable, for a guy who is just twenty one years old, Romero sure knows how to command and demand attention without really demanding it.

The car starts moving soundlessly and we both get enwrap in undefeatable silence. We both have enough distance between us but the heat, the warmth emitting from him is unmistakable and not to mention he is still holding my hand just as tightly. It gives me hope that he is still somewhere with me, that he hasn't completely isolated from me.

I turn look at him to see he has closed his eyes and his head is laid on back of seat, he looks exhausted. There is slight dark circle under his eyes and the stubble on his face seems to be of m

o me, he points at door a corner, "You can change in there."

I thank him before moving to door feeling his gaze drilling on my back. I quickly enter the the room, snapping door shut behind me. I stop and take few minutes to admire the scene in front of me, it's an enormous bathroom with a giant bath tub in it. There is slide door separating shower, the tiles are in beautiful grey colour, its a dream bathroom for everyone.

Oh wow!

Not wanting to waste any time I wash my face and change my clothes. His top is so big that it reaches around my mist highs I don't think I really need to wear bottoms but I still wear it. His knee length shorts comes to much bellow my knees. I look at my reflection and groan, I look hideous.

I slowly open the door and emerge from it and close it gently. I notice Romero is already in bed without changing his clothes. I go near him to find him asleep. He really must be tired to fall in sleep so quickly. I pull comforter above him and look around for a couch to sleep. I find it other side of room by a glass door.

I give him one last glance and just as I make a move toward couch, his hands grips my wrist.

Startled I face him, he gazes back unflinchingly. He says just one word, one desperate plead and I give in, surrendering all my defences, "Stay."

Anything for you.

And I stay, against all my better judgement, against my all consciousness.

I slide beside him, he drapes his arm tightly around me, dragging me to him. I inhale is manly and addicting scent, taking him all in. With a sense of an extreme shield I drift in dreamless sleep.

* * * * *

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