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   Chapter 45 Fourty five

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I'm still reeling from his sudden confession when my mouth blurts out, "What?"

He shrugs, smirking, "You heard me."

I did.

Oh I so did.

'That was the first time I felt my heart beat.'

His voice rings in my head for the hundred time in past few minutes.

"Are you sure?" I ask dumbly, before I could even comprehend it.

His ease aura disappear in a flash leaving dark intensity of his eyes as they narrows at my own, "Am I sure? Of the emotions I'm bearing since I met you or of the the feelings I'm having for you?" He retorts incredulously.

Jesus H Christ!

Does that mean he really has feelings for me?

Oh my!

My heart sores at the happiness and the possibility of him returning my own feelings.

From what I have known in my whole life is, that time is no one's friend. It never stops for anyone, whether rich or poor. It will keep going and it depends on us to consider it as an acquaintance or an enemy, either way it won't effect the speed of time.

But at this moment I really wish for time to be my friend so I could stop this moment and consume full happiness that is bursting inside me. I want this moment to be itched in my soul. I'm this happy. I'm ecstatic.

But then I remember his attitude toward me. He has said sorry to me and admitted that he was jerk but that doesn't really explains his actions.

I frown at him, "Then why-"

As he's read my mind he cuts me off, shaking his, "Why did I behave like an ass to you? Because I'm an ass. That's what I do, I fuck everything up. I remember you standing at the entrance of cafeteria looking like a creature from another world, staring me like you could see my dark soul. As far I can remember I've never been nervous before that day, not even when I first took control of my businesses. Despite my uneasiness, I don't know why but I still wanted you to talk with me, I wanted to hear your voice."

He chuckles slightly before continuing, "My bloody palms were sweating in nervousness when I saw you coming with Sydney. And what you did? You went ahead and chatted with everyone. Every fucking one except me. I thought you didn't like me and that pissed me off. Never in my life before had I felt jealous but seeing you flirt with Adam had me seeing red. I wasn't thinking straight and that's when I fucking lost it."

I'm looking at him with my mouth hanging open as he stops speaking. My brain is still digesting his words and my heart... well I think it is going to out of ribs any second now.

Oh my God!

It is very hard to accept that he has had feelings for me from very start. I don't know what to think now.

Tell him, you like him too or better yet tell him you are falling for him.

No, not now.

I don't think I should confess anything to him until I'm assured that my heart is no longer in danger of getting trashed.

Their is always a danger where heart is involved.

Sometimes I don't really like my conscience, specially when it's right and contradicts with me.

I force myself to breath since I keep forgetting it in his presence, "I... I wanted to talk to you but Syd told me not to speak to you, unless you start. And when you did not say anything, I thought you disliked me and didn't want my presence there, that's why I

my intension were to fuck her but I couldn't do it. Not after you looked so disgusted of me leaving with her."

I don't know whether to be flattered that he thinks about me or angry that he wanted to have sex to get me out of his mind.

I want to say that I think about him too, every minute, every second. It doesn't matter whether I want to or no. But I refrain myself, I've few more questions to ask.

"Why did you leave that morning, after party?"

"I told you that I thought you wouldn't want me there, so I left." He keeps his passive.

He is lying.

I knew he was lying when I asked before and I know he is lying right now. I don't know how but I know he is lying.

I shake my head at him, "You are lying, " he lifts head up and accessing me.

He stares me for a long moment before giving in, "I was overwhelmed from all the feelings I was having after waking up beside you. It was surreal. It felt too good to be true, nothing good sticks with me and I didn't wait for it to leave me so I left it." He shrugs, averting his eyes from me but not before I witness vulnerability and despair in them.

My heart cracks a little a sight of it. I don't want him vulnerable or sad. I want to take away all his sorrow and make him smile. I like seeing him smile and I love his smile.

You love him period!

I change the topic and ask him one last question that was reason of my grief for whole last week, "Why didn't you come for our uh date?" I can't say if it was a date at first place.

His body turns rigid as his whole demeanor turns foreign and I can tell he is controlling his breathing. I keep watching him, wanting to meet his eyes but he keeps his hard face ahead, "I had an emergency meeting and I had to fly down for new York for it. I forgot about date." He speaks in a steely hard tone.

He is lying, again.

I know that and it's also clear that he doesn't want to speak about it. So I will let it go, for now. But I want its answer since that has him so stiff.

Abruptly he stands up, stumbling slightly, offering me his hand, "It's getting late, lets go."

I frown but take his hand as he leads me back.

What just happened?

* * * * *

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