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   Chapter 44 Fourty four

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I think for a moment before looking straight in his eyes and giving his answer, "I came because I care for you."

For a split second he looks startle but he composes himself with a wary smile, "You care for me?" Doubt and uncertainty clear in his voice.

My heart aches at the vulnerability he is so trying to hide, "I do. You sounded so angry when you called and when you hung up abruptly, I got worried. I thought of worst and couldn't help but come here." I admit honestly.

I still feel disturbed at the thought of him here alone in his drunken state. His drinking habit bothers me, I don't want him driving drunk. It gives me chill. I should know what it does to people.

"I didn't hang up, " I turn to him at his voice, not getting what does he means.


He looks agitated as he rakes his hand through his hair as he sneers, "I said I didn't hang up. I was furious when I heard that café fucker's voice, I lost it. I don't remember when I threw it away or when I passed out." I can see he is trying to control his temper by the way he is clenching and unclenching his fists.

I am little shocked how easily his demeanor flairs at the mare mention of Alex. A bulb lit in my head at the sudden thought. I wonder, could it be possible that he is jealous?

Cease your wings lady!


But if he was jealous, then it would at least give me an idea of his feelings for me. My own feelings wouldn't go on vain. I'm quite sure he does have some kind of felling for me, after that kiss earlier. If not then why would he kiss me like that. I just want to it be parallel with mine.

I sigh, "Alex is my friend. I don't have many friends, even back in home I didn't have many friends. He is good guy and he-"

He cuts me off with an irrigated growl, "Tell me about your family." He demands.

I look at him in surprise, from his expression it's clear that he wanted to change subject like he doesn't want to talk about Alex but family?


A smile automatically comes to my face when I think about home, "My grandma is an old fashioned type and is very strict regarding me but she loves me, might I add very much so. My best friends Logan and Bella, they both helped me to reach here, if it weren't for them I'm quite sure I wouldn't be here. I'm lucky to blessed with such friends." I tell him.

I remember how they both sugarcoated my only chance to come here, when they were persuading grandma. After so much of reassurance that they would continuously check up on me and I would come home whenever I could, she finally nodded her head in yes. They practically lived in my home for almost a week so grandma couldn't change her mind, when she agreed.

"And your parent?"

I inhale sharply at the mention of my parents. The rush of panic that engulfs me from just thinking about them, starts to bubble up. I try to breath but find it difficult to. My heart starts pounding in my ears and so many voices overlaps each other in my head.

in the lake.

I'm grateful when Romero doesn't make any move to comfort me. I don't need it. Just telling him everything feels peaceful enough. The dark place I go every time from thinking about them seems too far this time. It doesn't come for me to take me with it.

I'm glad when he doesn't tell me that it wasn't my fault, because I already know that. If the years of therapy taught me anything it's that what happened was not my fault but it still doesn't lessen the guilt formed in so many years. I know it was not my fault, it was that drunk driver's fault who himself died in that accident but my deep down somewhere my heart still blames me and that creates guilt.

We both are quite, deep in our own thoughts, when he suddenly speaks, "Do you know when was the first time I saw you?" He asks out of blue.

I know he is trying to lift my mood and change the direction of my brain. I'm thankful for that.

I nod, scowling, "How could I forget that? It was on my first day in cafeteria, when Sydney invited me to meet her friends."

When you insulted me, I think to myself but refrain from speaking aloud.

"Yes it was your first day but not at cafeteria."

"What?" I ask, confused.

He smirks at me, "It was in halfway actually, when you literally crashed into me."

I frown, not remembering what time he is talking about. I try to concentrate in my memory then it hit me.

My eyes widen at the flashback, "It was you!"

I recall bumping into someone when I was searching for Logan. I also recall the sensation and spark at the sudden contact with them. But I couldn't see their face since they left before I could open my eyes, then I found Logan and forgot about them.

If it was Romero that day then it's only logical considering he is only one for whom my body reacts like that.

He smiles a little, small but breathtaking nonetheless and his eyes intensify, "It was the first time I felt my heart beat."

Just like that my heart stops beating.

* * * * *

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