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   Chapter 43 Fourty three

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I keep staring in his half open grey eyes when they suddenly widen in disbelief, amazement and unsureness but the next thing I know I'm being scooped of my current position and tightly wrapped in a pair of strong arms. Dumbfounded, I forget breathing and stay still as feel his harsh breath on the side of neck as where he has buried his face.

I am too stunned to response. I am feeling too much at once, so many emotions at the same time. The way his arms feel around me is indescribable, the way his breath giving me shivers is ethereal, the way we fit together is incredible.

Oh my.

Surrounded by his arm is like being hyperactive and soothed. How can he make me nervous and serene at the same time?

I have never felt this way before. The way I'm feeling is beyond words. For the first time in long time I'm feeling like I'm home, it's so surreal. Several unknown sensation are erupting from deep inside me. I can't place all of them but I can fully distinguish one of them. The one that is imperious above others. The one that has me terrified of. The one I don't want to acknowledge but I need to.

There are two things in our life that are unpredictable. First one is accidents, when it happens it'll either bang up with us or bang us up for good. Second one is Love, when it happens, there no choice at all. Like a storm it'll come and tear us apart, it will shatter us beyond repair. Like a one strong wind it just blows us away, no question asked. It sucks our entire being and leave us dry as nuts. The funny thing is we are left begging for more. Doesn't matter how much it hurts.

I know it because this is exactly how I'm feeling at the instant. This is what happening to me and I can't deny that I'm falling. I'm falling in love with Romero King and I'm scared. So scared of it.

You made your bed now lie on it.

My terrifying intuitions breaks free when I hear him murmur in between my neck, "I'm sorry Ray. I'm so fucking sorry for everything. I'm sorry for every wrong word I used toward you. I'm sorry for every shit I did to you. Believe me, my intention were never to hurt you, far from it. I just wanted to push you away, but how could it happen when I couldn't even stay from you? Everything was my fault not your, never your. Please forgive me Ray." He is rambling, drunk ramble, but with each word he keep tightening his arms as if I'd flow away if he loosen it.

I certainly like drunk King better.

I sigh in content as I inhale his scent but my mind is running to keep with my emotions, its hard to when his every develops some more, "I'm sorry too for saying those horrible things to you. You are not monster or heartless, not even close. Yes you are a bit rough but not evil."

And I'm falling for you.

How would he react to this? Does he feel same for me or better yet does he feel anything for me? Most of the meaningful thing I've heard from him are in his drunken state. When he is sober its hard to reach him, he becomes untouchable. I do really hope that o

I feel my face redden at the sheer intensity of his eyes.

Few minutes later, he steps forward by the edge and I fear if he falls, but he bends down and remove more branches. He sits on a rock and motions me to come forward, "Come here."

I go to him and sit on another rock beside him. He points at somewhere ahead of us, "Look there."

I turn to where he is pointing and my eyes widen, "Are those fireflies?!" I ask excitedly.

He lets out a quite laugh and says, "Yeah. They are."

"They look exquisite." I murmur under my breath. I continue to watch them as they fly around illuminating there path. This night couldn't possibly be more beautiful, I wander as I take in scenery in front of me.

Some peaceful moment of starring at oblivion, I turn to the enigma beside, "Tell me about this place." I question hoping to get an answer.

He is drunk. He will answer you everything.

I disagree.

I don't think he'd answer everything, drunk or not. He'd tell what he wants to or what he doesn't say in his sober state due to his stoic persona.

I need so many answers to solve him and I'm gonna ask him whatever I could. I just hope I don't overstep the line.

He glance at me from the corner of his eyes, "I found this place during my first year. I was drunk and angry, angry at the whole fucking world, I just drove around. I don't remember how I ended up here but I felt so peaceful here. It was so calm and soothing. And the next thing I remember Slade waking me up after tracking my car. This is how it became a solace for me."

I remain quiet not knowing what to say and just stare him. I realise he and Slade seem to have a pretty great friendship. I'm glad he has someone who backs him up.

He takes a deep breath before pinning me with his piercing gaze, "Why did you come here Ray? Why did you come for me?"

I swallow hard, not anticipating this question. How do I answer to this? I don't even know what in reality made me come here.

Why did I come here at first place?

* * * * *

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