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   Chapter 42 Fourty two

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Dear lord!

What do I do?

I rub my forehead as I pace back and forth. My stupid brain in not working at all, it's like it has gone numb.

I have to do something, anything that could lead me to him. I have to find Romero, anyhow. He is somewhere out there, vulnerable. He is drunk out of his mind and not to mention raging.

It's such a terrible combination not just for others but mainly for himself. I need to find him before he does something tragic.

But how?

I don't even know anything about this area apart from few places, let alone a cliff.

Maybe his frien-



Yes. He is Romero's friend, he must know about this place, Romero was talking about.

Ignoring everything else around me, I quickly type a message to Syd, 'Hey, I need Slade's number. It's urgent. I will tell everything later.'

I don't have to wait for long before my phone shows a message from Syd herself, 'Its 703-575-4325. Whatever it is, just be careful okay.'

My heart swells with emotions at my new friend's word. We have come lot closer since few days after my last week's break down. She is a good friend, despite our differences.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I dial the number waiting impatiently.

But the only problem is person who receives the phone is not Slade but a female, "Hello?"

"Is Slade there? Can I speak to him?" I ask quietly.

"Who the fuck are you?" There is quite aggression in her voice, I'm afraid she could eat me alive if she was in front of me.

"I need to speak to him, it's urgent." I'm sure the desperation in voice in not hidden.

"He is not gonna to talk to you bitch. Go find someone else for your pussy."

What the hell?

"Look I reall-"

I'm cut off by a manly growl from other side. I think its Slade, "What fuck do you think you are doing?"

"What does it look like?" The female growls back.

"How many times I told you to no touch my phone? Can't you get a simple fucking thing." Now his voice sounds closer to phone like he has snatched the phone.

"Why? So you can fuck around on me?"

I don't really want to listen their sleeping arrangement, if only they could get over their fight but I think they are totally oblivious about me being on phone.

"Don't think that you are any special. We were just fucking, Jesus and now I think it's time for you to leave, I enjoyed while it lasted. Goodbye."

"Fuck you, asshole." There is a scream, followed by breaking of something and then there is an unmistakable slam.

"Fucking bitch." He mutters with a exasperated sigh.

"Hello?" I call out to get his attention.

"Who is this?" He sounds suspicious.

"Its Akira. I got your number through Sydney. I need you-."

"Is King okay?" He interrupts me, sounding a bit frantic.

It only unnerves me more. Why is he askin

words seriously, most of the times he doesn't mean a shit."

He sighs closing his eyes, before reopening them, "I can't believe I'm saying this but just don't hurt him. I'm not saying you would intentionally but you can. Its just that he is a different from other and it takes different measures to get him understand anything. Just be little considerate with him."

I don't know how to respond him, so I keep quite and give him a heartily nod.

"Now you go and attend him. Paul will be here in few minutes to take you both to King's home."


My face must have shown confusion since he expands, "Paul is King's security head. I've got an emergency meeting that needs my attention, he will there to assist you in taking care of King. If you want he can take you to your room afterwards. King becomes quite handy at time like this but I'm sure he'd never hurt you."

I know he won't. Never physically.

But emotionally, he could crush me with just the tips of his finger.

"Thank you." I speak, getting out of car.

I hear sound of grass crumbling and practically run toward it, sensing Slade's car ride off behind me. Its dark here but with enough moonlight to see through, I speed up after seeing a shadow of a person on the ground. My heart nearly stops beating when I realise it him.


With a pacing heart I approach him and my heartbeat is literally pounding in my ears as I knee down in front of his beautifully sleeping form. He looks like a fallen angel in twinkling moonlight.

My dark angel.

I touch his face lightly and his eyes flutter open slightly, "Ray?" He murmurs sleepy.

"Romero." I choke out his name, overwhelmed by millions of emotions rising in my entire being.

"You came?" he is looking at me like he is dreaming. Like he can't believe I'm here.

I smile at his question, "I said I would, didn't I?"

* * * * *

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