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   Chapter 41 Fourty one

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"I need a favor." I speak looking in his eyes.

"What is it?" He leans forward from his seat.

"Do you know any Eveline?" I question.

Ah, yes.

The answer is written right on his face, he doesn't need to voice it.

"How do you know about her?" He questions back.

"You haven't answered me?" I smile at Alex.

"Well yes, I know a little about her. Now your turn."

I shrug, "I had a small talk with Mr. Jacob."

"He told you about her?" He looks little surprised.

I frown, "Yes, why?"

He nods but still looks suspicious, "Nothing. So what is it you want from me?"

"I need your help to find her." I let out.

This is the reason why I mainly agreed to come with him. I didn't want to go with him today, not after everything that happened with Romero. But I was on mission, Alex is the best person to help me on this, since his grandfather is Mr. Jacob's friend. I want to know everything about Eveline, who still has such a firm hold on a man like Mr. Jacob. I want to find if it's just one side or from both side. If it's from both of the side then I want them together. Love like theirs deserves forever and happy ending.

So what if its not mine.

Thus here we are at a burger house that I don't know about because I didn't want to go to Shine after last week. I had to lie that I wanted to try something different, when Alex asked about it. I didn't want to tell him anything just because it didn't feel right to me.

I recall my earlier conversation with Mr. Jacob which has literally forced me do something about them.


"Mr. Jacob, could I ask you something?" I start slowly.

He gazes me as if I'd ask him whatever I want to regardless his answer and perhaps I might, before giving me a subtle nod.

"Why did you never try to reach out for her? I mean even after retiring from military?" I ask in wonder.

He stiffens, understanding 'her', for a moment I think he wouldn't answer but he does, "I couldn't. I guess I was too afraid of what I'd find when I tried and I always want to remember her as my Eveline, not anyone's else."

"But you could have tried. What if it ends up in your favour." I muse, loudly.

"I don't think so. The last I heard of her was that she was marrying some bastard of her parents choice and they were moving away. And that is when I took decision of continuing my work in army." With that said he shuts down to his memory land.


I want to ask what happened between them, but I've to stick with my 'one question at a time' tactic or I wouldn't get any answer.


My phone vibrates bringing me back to present. I glance at screen and tense as I see caller id.


Why is he calling me now?

Haven't I made it clear that I don't want to do anything with him.

I reject it.


"Huh?" I look at Alex, confused.

er heard, like he's not sure if I'm still there.

"Where are you?" I ask.

I desperately want to reach out for him, to comfort him. In anyway I can. I've forgotten all the things he has done to me at this moment only thing I remember that I want to give all the solace and compassion he needs.

"Why? Will you come for me, Ray?" His question is full of hope and fright.

Fright of my rejection.

"Yes. I will." I answer in a heartbeat, without any hesitation.

Because at this moment I know. I know I'd always go to comfort him. Whether he is sincere or playing games to me, I'd still want to comfort him. I'd still want wrap him in my arms and make his pain go away. I'm in way too deep to not go.

He breath a sigh of relief, "I..I dunno. No, wait I know, its my place. I wanted to show it to you Ray, there is a cliff and lake too. Mmm, it's beautiful, like you." Murmuring he stops, it sounds like he is about pass out.


"Angel you okay there?" Alex's voice cuts my own, surprist me to no end. Quickly I turn around to see him sanding by door.

I nod, "Yes I'm fine. Just a minute."

He nods in return before going back.

Oh I'm such a terrible company to leave him there alone.

"Was that café fucker?" Romero's enraged voice brings me back to our conversation.

Café fucker?

Does he mean Alex?

What the hell?

"His name is Al-"

"Fuck him and his name. Why does he call you angel?!" He snarls from the phone.

I'm startled from the anger in his voice. He sounds furious. I don't get chance to response as he is at it again.

"You are not his angel. You hear me? You are not his-"

Beep. Beep. Beep

Dial tone?

What the heck?

He hung up on me?

Maybe its battery is dead.

No, that's not it.

I have a feeling he broke his phone in his blind rage.

He is angry, drunk and ready to pass out.

I have to find him.

* * * * *

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