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   Chapter 40 Fourty

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I freeze.

My entire body stiffen when I hear his hurried footsteps coming near me.

Oh hell no.

Immediately I go to pull the door but before it could open, a hand slams it shut loudly, preventing me to open it.

I close my eyes as I try calm my seething nerves. I know I have to face him now, because even from the little bit I know about him, I know that avoiding him is not an option for me. Clearly not when he is less than a feet from and demanding my attention.

Don't turn around.

I will have to.

Hardening my already numb heart I turn to him, "Yes?" I ask, regarding him coolly.

He takes a small step back, clearly dazed by my lifeless tone but recovers quickly, "We need to talk."

Talk? My foot!

My brows perk up in mock surprise, "Do we? Whatever for?"

He takes a breath looking visibly nervous, "I want to explain wh-"

I cut him off before he could go any further, "I don't want an explanation. If that's all then I have to go."

Get the hell away.

He struggles to come with words, "I understand if you are angry bu-"

To hell with him!

"If I am angry? If I am?" I ask incredulously.

"I was stood up and you ask me if I am angry. I waited and I kept waiting for whole three hours for you and then I suddenly realised that you weren't coming at all but even then I was worried about you. I called you, I messaged you but no reply. Nada! You just disappeared. Then out of blue you are here after one week of messing my head, wanting to explain yourself. And you are asking if I'm angry!"

By the end I'm sure that my raised voice is attracting attention but I couldn't be more careless. My temper got better of me. I discreetly notice Dev, who is standing by other side of truck looking confused as he watches us.

Taking a deep breath I step forward and toward him, shoving my finger to his chest, "From the day one you keep humiliating and insulting me. Throwing cruel and hateful words to me but I still wanted to believe that you must have some goodness in you. So I kept beating myself because I thought maybe I've done something wrong to you to receive such hostility from you but guess what, its not me, its you who is at fault here. You are the heartless monster who played with me and my emotions, every chance you got till I reached the end. When I'm trying to piece myself together you want to explain. Then explain! Explain why you played me? Explain what I ever did to you?!" I don't notice I'm crying until I feel salty taste of tears in my lips.


I don't want to cry and look out as weak, at least not in front of him. I don't want him to think that he still effects me.

He does though!


mental eyes of these people.

"Let me go. You are causing a scene King." I snap at him trying to get free.

He shuts his eyes tightly as if he is try to control himself before they open again and they are still pleading but there is something else, something akin to determination. "Okay but only because I'll see you after your work."

My brows shoot up in surprise at his determined tone but then I speak without thinking just to crumble it, "I can't. I have a date."

His hand release me so fast as though I've burned him, along with his eyes which are now cold as ice as they bore into me, "Then enjoy your fucking date." His tone turns impassive and hard.

He takes few steps back still staring in my eyes as if he is seeing my soul, I fight the urge to look away and hold his own. This is until he turn around and disappear between cars.

I'm hit with a sudden sense Déjà vu as I watch his back.

As I look around for people, only to find them dispersing in crowds after having their fill of entertainment.

What is this?

High school?

I slide inside the truck where Dev is ready to go.

I sigh resting my head on the seat when I feel Dev's eye on me. I blink at him, "What?"

"Do I want to know?" This is his subtle way of asking if I want to tell him or not.

I shake my head in answer, "No. Just drive."

The truck start moving but my mind is still stuck with full of question and confusion.

I replay my last sentence in my mind.

I don't have any date today. Yes I'm giving second treat to Alex but that is it. It's not a date but just two friends having dinner together.

Then why did I tell him otherwise?

Because you intentionally wanted to hurt him.

Yes. That's probably true.

The main question is, did it hurt him or his pride?

* * * * *

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