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   Chapter 39 Thirty nine

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"I'm so excited for today." Beside me, Dev gushes as we walk side by side toward our destination.

"Me too." Smiling, I look at him. He is a tad extra joyful today and I know it's because the date he had yesterday with the same girl he was nervous about last week.

I am happy for him because he deserves to be happy. He is such a good guy, always putting everyone before him and this is the reason I sometimes fear that anyone could take advantage of him. Regardless I like him the way he is.

Reaching our class we both take our seat waiting for professor.

"Now show me your secret painting." He says turning his head, looking expectant. I should have known that it is first thing he would. He has been grilling me for last few days after knowing I'm working on my painting.

"It is not secret painting silly, it just was not ready when you asked then." Ruffling through my bag, I pull out my painting which is to be submitted for competition.

"Here." I hand it to him as I look around the class. Almost every seat is filled, since today is kind of a big day and whole room is filled with commotion as everyone is anticipating our teacher to start this day and get selected by community, though it will take time before announcement.

"No shit!" I turn back to Dev who is gaping at my painting with an open mouth.

"What?" I ask him, confused if he is impressed or not.

He narrows his eyes in accusation, "It is beautiful! I can't even believe that you call it 'a just ordinary painting'?"

"Oh well, " I shrug, "I don't see anything special about it other then my mood."

I've painted it rather unconsciously, without even knowing what I was drawing. I believe it is quite good, actually one of my best but it doesn't fill me with joy however it reminds me of immense sadness.

It has total black coloured background with single source of light by corner that is a bright star and in the middle of it is a small girl, looking toward star with undeniable hope in her eyes. I was like this throughout my half life.

I'd started this last week after my first heartbreak. After my first heartache.

A week ago.

One week. It has been one whole week since that regrettable night. One week since I've last seen him. One week of my hardest test to not think about about him. He hasn't made any attempt to see me or at least explain me of his 'no show', I guess he got what he wanted, he has humiliated me to my li

ow I'm going to start this class and when it ends you can submit your works by my desk."

It takes my every ounce to keep concentrating my mind in this class. Something feels off. I don't know what it is but I can sense something is going to happen today and I can't pick if it's right or wrong thing.

Class keep going but half of time I'm not here. Dev nudges me few time when I get zoned off. And when class ends I'm more than happy to submit my work and get over it.

Existing the class, Dev stops me by asking, "What the hell happened there?"

I sigh tiredly, "I don't know. I'm feeling little off."

"You need to cut some slack. Stop working this hard." He frowns at me.

I wave him off, "Yeah yeah. Are you coming or not?" I ask motioning at exit.

Sighing, he starts walking, "Yeah but your psychology class is today right?"

Not anymore.

I shake my head as we start moving toward parking lot, "No, I dropped out."


Because of him.

"I couldn't do it. It was taking lots of time and with my job I get tired easily."

But that's not only reason though, it is small reason. The main reason is I want to avoid him as much I could and I don't want to take any chance.

"Okay. Do you want me to drop you off to your work?" He asks.

I nod, "If that's okay with you."

"Totally." He gives me a grin.

Reaching to his beat up truck, I go to open passenger seat and that is when I feel it.


I sense him before I see him. Just like always everything around me gets charged and produces almost visible electric current around us.


I freeze along with my heart.

* * * * *

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