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   Chapter 38 Thirty eight

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After setting new books on their place, my work is almost done and I'm rather glad that I'm half an hour early. There were not lots of work anyway seeing Mr. Jacob's mood is not very breezy. Whole day he has been dozing into his memory and I feel guilty because somewhat it's me who brought up all his nightmare.

But that doesn't mean I don't want to know anymore because I do. I want learn their story, their love and their mistakes. I also know it doesn't have any chance to happen today, maybe some other day. I'm the optimism one, I can wait for that day.

Wrapping up my work, I straighten up and swipe wrinkles on my dress. Today knowing about this date I have chosen a blue dress to wear with a little dip neck. It reaches my knees for sake of modesty and its sleeves are to my elbow. I like it and it fits me.

I caught Syd's raised brows when I was about to get out of our room but I didn't acknowledge it and with a quick bye saying I was late for work, I drifted off. I know it was wrong of me to ignore her but I just didn't want to listen anyone's lecture for my first date.

By the time I manage to get out of library, I am enormously nervous. At this moment I could share this to anyone just to feel little less nervous than I'm right now but I guess I have to manage with myself only.

A sudden thought enters mind, how would he know where I work? I groan of course he wouldn't know. I distinctly recall that he knew about Alex so it means he must be aware about 'Shine' too.

I ignore the point where my inner self asks suspiciously, how does he know about Alex? I try to convince it that maybe they already knew each other and he happened to see me with Alex.

I take out my phone and message him.

'Pick me from Shine cafe, it's near my workplace. I'll be there.' Akira.

Message received.

It's settle, now he wouldn't have to worry about searching my work place.

Sighing I make way toward the cafe. Thanks heaven that college, cafe and library are just in walking distance otherwise it'd be hell considering my lack of transport. It's not that I couldn't afford it. Just not now. After earning some money I'm sure I'd be able to buy not-a-fancy-kind but a-useful-kind of car. I'll see to it when it'll be absolute necessary. Right now I'm content with walking.

Since Kent is a small town there was not any need of car. Even when grandma wanted to give me one as my eighteen birthday present hoping I'd stay there, I refused her saying I didn't need when Logan already had one. It was Logan who taught me how to drive. He is real friend, sometimes intolerable but still he is like big brother to me if it was not for him, grandma almost tore my scholarship form. I knew she never really wanted me to come here, I never understood why.

It's my destiny.

I had to come no matter what.

horrific realization hits me like tons of brick on my face.

Oh my god!

I palm my mouth to hold back the sob threatening to spill.

You have been stood up.

By Romero king.

No. No. No!


I stand up with my wobbling knees after my thoughts are confirmed when the lady gives me a sympathetic smile as if she knows what this all is.

Oh god.

Humiliated, I clutch my purse in my hand and swiftly run out of the cafe in embarrassment with pacing heart but not before seeing Ella's smug smile, for her word were true.

No one wants me.

I stagger by entrance but don't stop. My eyes are burning with unshed embarrassing tear. I keep running like a madwoman.

I should have listened to my brain.

I should have seen decisiveness behind his eyes.

I'm a blind stupid naive girl who couldn't see past his brilliant act.

What have I done?

Reaching inside a dark valley I stop and lean to a wall. I desperately try to grasp some air in deep breath for my lungs are dying but it's hard to do so. The air is suffocating me like poison. Tears are streaming down and my heart is hurting painfully.

It hurts.

It hurts so much.

Grasping my chest, I fall on my knees not being able to stand and cry.

I cry with silent sky witnessing it.

With my family witnessing it.

I keep crying my heart out, until all hopes, sadness, happiness goes numb and there is nothing left for me to feel. Until my heart is void of any emotion and my eyes are empty of tears.

It's all because of him.

He humiliated you.

He made a fool of you.

Once again you fell in his game.

And he won, all fair and square.

Defeated, I force my body to stand up and to move forward with stricken face and a numb heart.

I pad my way back like a lost cause stumbling around.

For once my heart doesn't try find any sign of innocence in him.

It has given up.

* * * * *

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