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   Chapter 36 Thirty six

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My mouth decides to blurt out before I could stop it, "You remember that?"

His eye flashes and lips thin in angry line but he replies passively, "Yes. I remember everything." Emphasizing on everything.

How can he be angry, calm and severe at the same time?

I can't decide whether I should be happy that he remembers everything or angry that he still left after 'that everything' because I know that was kind of special and those moments mean something to me, although I whole heartily want to deny it.

But I can't, it's memorised in my brain.

"Why did you leave?" I ask, wanting to know the answer of the question that has me stressed since yesterday morning.

He eyes twitch a little, a sign of hesitation, I assume. I'm quite sure he hasn't seen this coming but composes himself as quickly, "I thought you wouldn't want me there." It does not sounds like a lie but I can't help and think there is more of it than he is telling me.

'Why' word is on tip of my tongue begging to come out but I let it go and I don't think he'd tell me even if I asked him.

Anyway half truth is better than a lie.

No, it's not.

"Uh, how is your hand? Does it still hurt?" I try to ask in a normal voice and succeed. I point down, watching his hand which is now bandage free showing just horrible swelling.

I fight back a wince at the site.

He looks down to his hand before shrugging carelessly, "Nothing that I can't handle." He says in his low husky voice that always manage to weaken my knees.




I need to leave.

Like right now.

He's getting in my head again and I don't think it'd be best to grant him that permission.

I nod evenly. "That's great, I guess. I gotta g-"


He interrupts me from further speaking, staring deep in my eyes with an unfathomable emotion burning behind those grey eyes.

Oh I like it when he calls me Ray!

My inner self grunts in annoyance.

I look at him in confusion, silently asking question through my eyes.

As though reading it, he clears his throat and gaze around, loo

but eyes shows a little hope as they search deeply in mine. He is suspicious to show his true feeling.

Does he think I'm rejecting him intentionally?

Or I'm taking some revenge on him?

It's disturbing how easily his mood changes. He can easily become unreadable and I'm not really fan of it, infact just opposite.

"Yeah cool. I'll see you there, " He speaks passively before giving one final look, he turns around and paces back toward parking lot with his back stiff and hand clenched.

I can't help but think he is not happy at all or maybe he has changed his mind.

Maybe he has realized I'm not good enough for him.

Or maybe he doesn't want me.

Stop this nonsense!

How can I?

His indifference is like a thorn piercing my heart. I'm not as glad as I was before about this date.

Is it even date?

Sighing I gear up to move toward my room, feeling lost. The eagerness I was having strayed away in vain.

Halfway through my way, I feel ting from my phone. I stop to take it out. I check it and it shows a text from unknown number.

I frown, not recognizing the number as I open it.

My stomach does a flip-flop and heart swells with happiness when I read it.

Oh my god!

I smile like a lovesick idiot and read it again.

And again.

'I will fetch you after your work.' Romero.

Damn, if this doesn't make me feel happiest in so long.

* * * * *

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