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   Chapter 35 Thirty five

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Monday rolls around quickly and I find myself between chaos of the college. Since Sydney doesn't have any class with me, I left early alone in morning after eating a sandwich, not wanting to face her. I like her, really but she is always​ happy, so damn happy that it hurts to look at her. It's not that I don't want her happy. I love the fact she is.

I envy her.

Her love and non love life is almost perfect.

I want that for me too.

When would I have that?

Get your butt inside your class and focus!

I groan at the sudden pounding in my head. It's like someone is bashing my head to a wall. I am having this since I woke up. It must be oversleeping. I have a quirk that whenever I am sad or distressed, I'd become sleeping machine and it's kind of frustrating. I have this disease since my family died in that disastrous accident and not even shrink could help me.

"Akira!" Comes a cheerful voice of Dav.


I don't need more brightness to mock my overly dark life.

I turn around with a bright smile I could muster up, "Hey, Dev. Good morning."

He looks adorable with flushed cheeks and ruffled hair falling on his forehead making him look a lot younger.

"Hey. How was your weekend?" He asks casually falling on the steps beside me.


Like crap!

I can't decide whether it was awful or awesome but I'll go with eventful.

I shrug, "It was okay, I guess." My voice comes out little clipped unconsciously.

He must have heard it for he gives me a sideway glance but doesn't say anything and it's for better, I think.

"How was your weekend?" I ask instead.

"Nothing much, just some time with my Ma and sis. My sister is real devil, she painted my whole face with makeup, giving me her puppy dog face." He tells me but there is smile on his face. He clearly adore his sister.

Just like I adored my Jake.

Don't go there!

Shaking my head, I give him a curious look, seeing he look overly happy as though he can't even contain it, "What got you so happy?"

He blushes, "Oh I..I actually I have date today and I'm not 'so happy' I'm just nervous." He is actually twisting his finger, I suppose in nervous

space between us.

But it is not enough because I can still feel the sharp intensity in air between us.

Unable to stop myself, my eyes itself roams throughout him and I take in his appearance which is not different from other days but he look fresh, handsome and as hot as ever. His beautiful face bare of any emotions but if looked carefully there is hint of anxiety. The way grey orbs are roaming around my face, he looks nervous.


I almost snort at the thought.

I'm sure I'm most likely imagining things, just like I seem to do lot recently and every time it's with him.

He takes a step close, filling my nose with manly musky scent, making my mind fizzy.

Go away, I want to shout at him but like always my throat goes dry.

My heart starts beating faster than usual and unwillingly I'm reminded of the eventful events that happened yesterday. Our kiss, his touch and his words everything bursts my brain open.

But then I also remember him leaving me on cold without so much of thank you or any other exchange. He just disappeared like a wave of wind between storms withdrawing my every source of oxygen.

I remember.

Oh do I remember everything!

"Yes King?" I offer breathless, it doesn't matter how much I try to keep my words unwavering but it doesn't help though but not with him.

Narrowing his eyes in slit he snaps, "Romero. I told you to call me Romero, didn't I?"

So he does remembers?

* * * * *

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