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   Chapter 34 Thirty four

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My heart is pounding so hard that I can hear it through my ears.


What does he mean by that?

"Never leave me."

Though it's just a simple sentence, it has more emotions that any other words.

I force my body to relax and pretend it is just his drunken mess.

Who am I kidding?

I know its answer, I know the what he meant and I just don't want to acknowledge it. I can feel it through thudding of my heart, through tightness of my tummy.

I sense it in my blood.

If only I could pretend to be oblivious, it wouldn't hurt this much.

Then why am I feeling cold?

Because you are also afraid of it. Afraid of holding on him. Afraid of falling for him! Falling in love with him!


Of course not!

I can't fall in love with him. I just can't. It's absurd to even think of it.

Its impossible.

Is it?

He hates me.

He is just drunk that's why he is saying all this crap and I know, by tomorrow he'd not remember any of this. He would probably go back to same king and start insulting me.

I can't fall fall for him.

I will not.

Are you sure?

I ignore the snide remark and go to get up from my kneed position when he effortlessly pulls me on the top of him. I let out a shocked squeal as I feel hardness of his body beneath me. My whole body clenches feeling the electric current of contact.

His eyes are half-closed when I look at him with wide eyes trying to ignore our current condition we are in, considering half of me is on the top of him and other half of is hanging by bed. It is most uncomfortable situation I have ever been. I try to squirm out of his hold which only gets tighten in return.

I really suspect his drunken state for he yanked me so swiftly. He is so strong, I can't even nudge him.

Chain of thoughts breaks when he says, "It wasn't mistake."


"Huh?" What is he talking about?

He open his burning eyes and peers me, fiercely. I see something else, something akin to uncertainty and helplessness, it nearly brakes my heart to find such vulnerable emotions in his usual cold gray orbs.

How cou

he must be with Luke.

Lucky her!

To stay distracted I spend rest of my sunday cleaning and rearranging my possessions.

I also call my grandma. We talk for bit before I hang up feeling overwhelmed. I also call Logan but he doesn't pick up, I conclude they must be on date or something so I don't bother again.

I receive a message from Alex asking how I'm doing. I reply telling I'm fine.

By the time I'm done cleaning it's evening. I start doing my assignments.

Once I've completed it, I decide to paint. Halfway of the painting I hear a knock. Must be Syd, "Yeah?" I call out.

Sydney's head pops inside, "I've just arrived. Are you okay?"

I frown, "Why would I not?"

She observes me before shrugging, "You weren't feeling good yesterday right?" But she looks like she wants to add something more but stops herself.

Oh that.

I smile, "Yes. I'm perfectly fine now."

I don't know if Slade told her about Romero being here or not but I'd rather not.

If he had, I know she'd dig for more and I don't want her to think of me as a hopeless pathetic girl, that I'm.

Of course, you are!

Exhaling she nods, "Oh thank fuck. I've been worried about you. Alright I'm gonna sleep. Dead tired. Good night girl."

I wave her over, "Good night."

Once she shuts the door, I carry on painting until I doze off with the grey eyes waiting for me behind my closed lids.

* * * * *

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