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   Chapter 33 Thirty three

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Sighing I bend on my knees and take his bruised hand. It looks as if he has punched someone or something. I clean dry blood with wet cotton, he hisses in pain.

"Ray?" He mummer sleepily.


When I don't reply he forces himself to sit, stares me with half opened eyes, "You look like a prude." He states, an attractive smirk is there on his face.

He is so hot and sexy as hell.

I could almost forget that he is a high class jerk!

Was he even sleeping?

"And you are jerk." I snap, giving him a side glance. I continue my cleaning.

He is still staring me with a unknown look. I'm sure he is searching for more insults to accuse me. He wouldn't change, would he? He can't be nice with me for more than few minutes.

Once I'm done cleaning, I put some antiseptic cream on it. My hand stops when I feel him touching my hairs with his other hand before he leans forward and mutters, "But a cute one." His eyes trails down on my figure. Suddenly I feel self conscious of my choice of clothes.

Plucking my T-shirt from back, I suck a breath, peering in his eyes through my lashes, "Why do you hate me?" There, I ask him the question that I have been asking from me since I came here.

I want to know the reason of his animosity toward me. I want to know why is he always bitter with me. I prefer to know his answers than to feel confused, it doesn't matter how bad they are. I can handle

Don't you dare!

Just like always I stop thinking when my body forces my mind to block and let my lips move. We kiss each other like it's most precious thing to do, like it's reason to live. We speak words through our kiss that we can't speak through our mouth. Goosebumps is traveling throughout my body, provoking every deep desire kept hidden.

When we move apart, breathing hard, I notice his eyes is still closed like he is savouring the moment.

Ever so slowly he lays back down, still clinging my other hand tightly like he is afraid I'll disappear if he leaves me.

While I'm still trying to compose my ragged breaths when I hear him say, "Hey Darling, "


My stomach erupts with whole lot of sweet butterflies and heart skips a beat in anticipation.

I like it!

When I don't reply, he tugs my hand a little before whispering softly, "Never leave me."

And just like that I once again stop breathing.

* * * * *

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