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   Chapter 32 Thirty two

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Don't be a fool, Ira!

My stupid heart still flutters at his word and my stomach still does a Summersault.

Why? I have no idea.

Do I want to find out? Hell no.

Its as terrifying to even feel it and I don't think I want to find its depth, yet but I cant say that I don't like it. I like it hell maybe I even love it. Its like I could forget our all past encounters and live in this moment.

I want time to stop and let me, us, feel this moment.

I know he is drunk and maybe that's why he is behaving like this and maybe once he is sober up he will become the King again but that doesn't mean I don't want to pretend its real, our real and is not what they say, drunken man speaks his heart.

But I can't really forget how he's treated me before and I sure as hell don't wanna play his game again.

I sigh, "Okay Romero. Let me get aid box to clean your wound." I tell him softly.

He looks in my eyes searching for something, once he finds it. He releases me slowly, trailing tingles from his touch.

Holding my breath, I swiftly walk inside bathroom slamming it behind me. I lean against it as I try to calm my pumping heart and rapid breath.

I can still feel the burning of his touch, the intensity of his grey orbs. Its too much of emotion. I close my eyes and

oes he?" Muttering himself before he adds, "Okay Akira listen, could you let him stay with you tonight? I mean that fucker is already passed out but it'd better if you don't throw him out and I'm sure by morning he will leave you alone. I could come and take him but I know for sure I'd have to face his rage afterwards and that I'm not very fond of." He sounds amuse.

Why would he face rage if he helps him? I think King should be grateful to Slade for helping him.

But then it's King we are talking about.

He and grateful?

Snort, Very unlike.

"It's okay." I speak quietly glancing at beautiful boy on my bed, "I don't mind."

Of course, I don't mind, it's just my freaking body and heart who do mind and immensely so.

And it's not like I could throw him out regarding how heavy he is.

"I'll see you, around." With that he hangs up.

* * * * *

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